Yats Restaurant at Clark, Pampanga

Yats Restaurant Clark PampangaPopular restaurant in Clark Pampanga among Philippines foodies and wine lovers, YATS Restaurant was built in the year 2000 as a fine-dining restaurant of the YATS International Wine Club which is a membership club servicing the social and business needs of Clark Pampanga, Angeles City, Subic and neighboring communities north of Manila. This 80-seat restaurant in Clark Pampanga is open everyday for lunch and dinner. It also served as a venue of choice for everyday business and social dinners as well as celebrations and small business gatherings.

As a restaurant, YATS focuses squarely on achieving consistency at a level very near to perfection. This is totally driven by a singular pursuit to deliver outstanding value for money to patrons. YATS Restaurant operates under a simple no-nonsense motto that the proper way to reward a guest is to repay him/her with products and services worth twice of what was paid to us. The combination of value and quality places Yats on the top of the list of restaurants in Clark Pampanga.

The main cuisine of this restaurant in Clark Pampanga can be characterized as French Mediterranean, classic fine dining without a lot of hype and gimmicks. Only the best ingredients are used and focus is always on bringing the best out of them in every dish of the meal. Moreover, the recipes are carefully designed to pair well with fine wines from the wine cellars of this restaurant in Pampanga.

Noted by Manila food and wine lovers for its wine-sensitive cuisines, this restaurant in Clark Pampanga spares no expenses to source the best ingredients from all over the world. Regarded by Manila wine lovers as the premier wine-sensitive restaurant in Philippines, this is widely regarded as one of the best restaurants to enjoy a good bottle of wine at reasonable prices.

Being a wine-sensitive restaurant, the philosophy on wine is simple at this restaurant in Clark Pampanga . For starters the role of a wine cellar in a restaurant differs from the role of a wine shop. Wines from a shop are intended to be drunk young or for the serious bottles, laid down for several years before consumption. No guest stays several years in a restaurant waiting for the wine he ordered to age before opening. A restaurant should only serve wines that are properly aged and ripe for enjoyment. The selection of wines at this restaurant in Clark Pampanga has to be broad enough to allow for all kinds of food-wine-pairing requirements. With over 2500 selections at its disposal, the sommelier can be very precise in pairing the right wine with each dish.

With over 2500 lines on a wine list of this restaurant in Clark Pampanga, even the most fastidious palates can be satisfied. YATS Wine list is put together not only with a great deal of care but special efforts went into making sure the prices are very competitive.

All in all, YATS Restaurant is designed for anyone and everyone who simply want to have a memorable time dining in a nice restaurant that offers good food, fine wine and a good place to enjoy them with friends and family.

YATS RESTAURANT and Wine Lounge is widely regarded as one of the finest wine sensitive restaurants in the Philippines. At this restaurant in Clark Pampanga, gourmet Mediterranean cuisine is carefully crafted and fine-tuned to pair well with fine wine. With over 2500 selections of vintage wines in its award-winning wine list which spans all major wine regions and covers a wide range of prices, this fine-dining restaurant is home to many wine-and-food-pairing dinners and wine tasting events that help to cultivate and enhance wine appreciation in the Philippines. Open every day for lunch through dinner, this is one of the restaurants in Pampanga that business executives, tourists and local residents prefer not only for special occasions but even for a nice and relaxing meal comprised of good food, excellent wine, fine service and great company.

An exciting fine-dining restaurant awaits you in the Clark Freeport. Yats Grill Room Restaurant and Wine Cellars is legendary and synonymous with the finest of quality food and wine available in Central Luzon.

Yats is more than the usual, over-priced, small portion, fine-dining establishment. At Yats you’ll find an unusual mix of gourmet food, filling portions and affordable prices, all wrapped in an ambiance of elegance and grace. Besides serving some of the highest quality cuisine in the area, you won’t be shocked when you receive the check at this high-end restaurant, in fact you’ll be pleasantly-surprised at the incredible value for your money.

Yats uses only the best and most healthy ingredients in their preparations. If you are health-conscious you’ll be pleased to learn that chef Philip and his crew use extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and even organic vegetables in the preparation of their world-class dishes. The selections are widely varied and the quality impeccable. Why sit-down with your guests to a simple meal when you can have a fine dining experience at a great price?

Yats is home to the fabled 15,000-bottle wine collection, including some very old, almost priceless bottles of wine. Almost every variety of wine is available from all over the world. Most offered at prices well-below other major F&B outlets in the Philippines and even all of Asia. Many visiting business executives make a trip to the Yats Wine Cellars almost mandatory when doing business, playing golf or other activities in Clark.

With private, elegantly-furnished and appointed dining and function rooms and a large main dining area available for advanced group bookings, Yats is ready for your special party, event or small to medium sized group function. Many businessmen and corporate event coordinators choose Yats for their seminars, product launching or corporate training events, lunches and dinners at a budget the accounting department will be thrilled about. For an elegantly-appointed birthday, debut or any private party, you will find Yats to be an extra-special treatyou’re your guests, offering extraordinary quality food without emptying your bank account.

Perhaps you have never experienced a fine-dining establishment or possibly were afraid to step through the doors of a restaurant offering such classy cuisine due to budget constraints. If this is your situation, Yats wants to be your first fine-dining experience. Yats specializes in making families and first-time fine-dining groups feel comfortable at an elegant dining venue. Head chef Philip and his staff are always available to make you feel comfortable and willing to offer a friendly chat; they know how to make you feel special while at their restaurant.


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