Yapak Beach in Boracay

Puka Beach BoracayYapak Beach is the second largest beach on Boracay Island. Also known as Puka Beach, Yapak Beach has lots of Puka shells which are quite abundant in the area. It’s located on the northern part of Boracay Island and offers a great, peaceful venue to escape the crowd and activity of the Long Beach. Covering a total land area of 800 meters, Yapak Beach comprises half of the island’s northern tip. Compared to other beaches in Boracay, the waters here are rougher and deeper. The sand at Yapak Beach is not as powdery white as those found on White Beach.

Yapak Beach can be accessed by land through the main road going to Puka Grande; and a private road exclusive to Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center and 2 other partner resorts. The private beachfront is accessible from Ecovillage resort through a 10-minute shuttle trip. This is also ideal for ATV and Bugcar tour rides.

Visitors to Yapak Beach will love the many restaurants and eateries which flourish there. Many of the famous food places in this part of the island even have fine dining with the use of local Nipa (thatched roof) huts for guests to enjoy their food in a truly tropical setting. There may even be ambulant vendors offering their puka-shell jewelries and ornaments for guests to buy and take home as keepsakes and reminders of their tropical vacation on the island.

Another attraction of Yapak Beach is the amazing and unobstructed view of the Boracay sunset. The beach provides a more peaceful and well deserved experience of the coming of dusk on the island. And guests can also enjoy the more vigorous and deep water at the edge of Yapak Beach for those who want to have a swim with a bit of a challenge.

The beach of Yapak is very ideal for family picnics and wading or using a snorkel to look at the amazing marine life. The numerous shells which the beach is known for can be used for anything ornamental like bracelets and necklaces, earrings and other similar items since they are of the highest quality.

Yapak Beach Boracay, most importantly makes a perfect venue for special occasions such as weddings and private beach party because it’s quite secluded; yet it still showcases a world-class scenery; from the clear blue waters to the white grainy sands – Yapak Beach Boracay makes an ideal getaway place for everyone!

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