Victory Liner Bus Baguio to Manila Schedule

Victory Liner Baguio Bus to Cubao Caloocan Pasay Manila

An air conditioned Manila bound bus at the Victory Liner bus terminal

Below is the regular schedule for buses departing from the Victory Liner Baguio terminal to Metro Manila (Cubao and Pasay City). Buses leave daily and around the clock and generally depart every half hour from the Baguio bus terminal. It takes between six to seven hours to get to Manila, and most of the congested traffic occurs when the buses arrive in Manila, when the buses arrive at EDSA during the morning rush or evening rush hour traffic.

Victory Liner Bus Schedule Baguio to Metro Manila Cubao Pasay City terminalsUnlike the deluxe buses, which do not make any stops except for their destinations of Cubao and Pasay, most regular fare Victory Liner buses headed for Manila will make a stop at the Sison Bus Stop, the Siesta Bus Stop in Tarlac, and the Mabalacat Bus Terminal in Dau. A few buses will make a stop at the Marquee Mall terminal in Pampanga.

During the holidays, Baguio is a very popular tourist destination, and it is advisable to purchase advance tickets going back to Manila days in advance.

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    Good afternoon pls let me know how to book/buy bus fare in advance mnl/baguio/mnl. Thanks…..lanie diaz