The Uhat Mission in Kiangan

Uhat Mission Site Kiangan Ifugao Bae Ambuwaya Lake Spanish Roman Catholic Church Father Jose Lorenzo History Construction Missionary Building Visit Tour Guide Worship Christianity Distance Kilometer The Uhat Mission is located in Kiangan in Ifugao Province. Uhat Mission is located between the village of Bae and Ambuwaya Lake; It was here that the first Spanish Roman Catholic mission was established in the Kiangan area by Father Jose Lorenzo in 1864. He was replaced in 1868 by Father Juan Villaverde when he was killed in Tuplac by a man named Bumidang. It marked the start of the attempt of the Spanish missionaries to colonize the Ifugao in Kiangan through religion. The Uhat Mission can be reached by taking a tricycle to Bae, and then hiking for a short distance. It can also be reached through a leisure walk of around 1 ½ kilometers.

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