Towsuvan Falls in Magpet North Cotabato

Towsuvan Falls Magpet North Cotabato Bongolanon Falls Mount Apo Water River Height Depth Location Size KidapawanThe Tawsuvan, or more popularly known as Bongolanon Falls, in one of the popular destinations in Magpet town, which sits on the foot of Mount Apo. It’s lush surroundings make it a perfect getaway for adventure seekers. The Towsuvan Falls are crystal clear 30-meter waterfalls with a naturally-formed tranquil pool where everyone can enjoin the beauty of nature. Enjoy the cool breeze outdoor ambiance of Tawsuvan Eco-Tourism Zone and Resort and gear yourself for an overnight camping. Though this waterfalls is part of the Magpet town, it is accessible via Barangay Ginatilan in Kidapawan City. You may take a jeep from the terminal in the Kidapawan City’s market going to Barangay Ginatilan. Then take a motorcycle from the village going to Bongolanon. Motorcycles from Kidapawan City, particularly in Crossing Mangga, are also available going to this waterfalls.


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