Dalinson Falls TobosoToboso is located in Negros Occidental province. Toboso is bounded on the southwest by the Municipality of Calatrava, northwest by the City of Sagay, north by the Municipality of Escalante, and east by Tanon Strait.

Toboso traces its roots many years before the Spanish regime. The original settlement of the place was near Sag-ahan River and the community was popularly known by the same name. Sag-ahan means in the local dialect “to take out or catch fish with the use of hands” because fish abound in the area.

When the Spaniards came, the community was named Toboso in honor of a similar community in Spain, La Villa del Toboso. During this time, Toboso was a barrio of Escalante, but it did not prevent the community from expanding with the coming in of more immigrants from Cebu island who extensively developed fishing, agriculture and commerce.

In the early years of American rule, more impetus was created with the establishment of Central Azucarera del Danao at Labi-Labi, approximately six kilometers from the poblacion. The new sugar mill spawned the development of the sugar industry in the area.

Toboso separated from Escalante and acquired its township status on July 1, 1948 by virtue of Executive Order No. 141, series of 1948 issued by then Pres. Elpidio Quirino with Albino Uy de la Cruz, Sr. as its first municipal mayor.

Tourist attractions in Toboso include Kevin’s Reef, Mainit Hot Spring, Kampanoy Cave, Dalisum Falls, and the Trangkalan Cave.

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