Tigbauan Church in Iloilo

Tigbauan Church Iloilo Saint John Sahagun Latin American Architecture Mexican Catholic Parish History Construction Location Schedule The Tigbauan Church, formally known as the Saint John of Sahagun Church, is located in the southern coastal community of Tigbauan in Iloilo Province. The Tigbauan Church is unique in the country because of its Latin American churriquesque architecture. The church was constructed in 1575 and destroyed during an earthquake in 1948. Tigbauan’s facade is style in the Mexican plateresque. At the center is a seal of the Augustinian order surrounded by a retablo-like floral frieze, which fills the central section. Above the seal is a niche flanked by pilasters embellished with flowers and upon it is a depiction of San Juan. The Tigbauan Catholic Church is the site of first Jesuit school for boys in the Philippines established in 1592. The church interior was gutted during the Second World War. Today, it has one of the most beautiful modern-type interiors made up of colorful stone murals. The mosaics adorning the church interior, including the altar and the Stations of the Cross, were created by a local artist in the last two decades.

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