Teachers Camp in Baguio City

Teachers Camp Baguio City Leonard Wood Road Vacation Normal School History Governor William Pack Mountain Meeting Venue Rental Price Contact Manager Building Facilities Size Conference Meeting Seminar Teacher’s Camp is located along Leonard Wood Road in Baguio City, Benguet. It was through the vacation normal school, which began in 1908 teachers from all over, the islands were able to have a respite and some time for studies. In a letter to the Secretary of Public Instruction, Governor William Pack outlined his plan to set up a camp in Baguio where teachers can be accommodated. The plan was approved on January 8, 1908 and the camp was opened on April 6, 1908. For a start, four assembly tents were put up for kitchen, dining and storage purposes and two other large tents were set aside for class purposes. Later on, the “KURSAAK” was constructed in 1909 as a permanent structure and took over the functions of the mess tent, aside from being the social center for assemblies. The next year, other buildings were added, the road traversing the vast hectare leveled and the athletic field out in its hollow. Teachers Camp now caters to conferences, meetings, seminars and social functions sponsored by the government sector. Some of its dormitories and cottages are also rented out to visitors coming up to Baguio but these are not available when the teachers are around for their summer courses.

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