The Biliran Mini Zoo in Naval

Biliran Mini Zoo Caraycaray Naval Biliran Collection Animals Lion Bird Turtle Liger Tiger Location Hours Tourism Office Contact Size Hectare History Description Safety Zookeeper Cage Schedule Feeding The Biliran Mini Zoo is located in Caraycaray, Naval in Biliran Province. The Biliran Mini Zoo is a privately owned collection of animals open to the public and is free of charge. Among the mini-zoo’s residents: a juvenile lion, different kinds of birds, a 50-year-old snapping turtle, and a ‘liger,’ or the hybrid offspring of a male lion and a tigress. There are currently only 80 ligers in the world. To tour the zoo, contact the local tourism office in advance to make arrangements for your visit. Continue reading

Durian Garden in Polomolok

Durian Garden PolomolokSuccessfully merging tourism, agri-business and biodiversity is the Durian Garden in the town of Polomolok. The expansive garden has seven varieties of durian trees, a wide assortment of ornamental plants, some of which are endemic to the Philippines, a butterfly garden,the first of its kind in the province, that maintains seven species of butterflies, and a mini zoo.The zoo is another unique attraction that features exotic birds such as peacock, ostrich, cassowary, parakeet and a couple of talking mynas. The best part of the garden, however, is the organically grown durian. The fruits are fully ripened on the tree before they are harvested, yielding sweet, full-flavored durian.  Continue reading

Baluarte Wildlife Sanctuary in Vigan

Butterfly Garden ViganCome and play with the animals! Be one of them roaring and whistling, indulging in the joys of the moment, you are in Baluarte, the only one of its kind in the country. Not just a zoo, Baluarte is an interactive wildlife sanctuary and facility, with the breathtaking view of its dominating scenic boulders amidst trees and greens. Baluarte is dedicated to facilitate education, conservation and protection of endangered species and wildlife. Children and those who are young at heart will rediscover life amongst the animals in unique and entertaining ways specifically through first-hand experience. Baluarte is 80 hectares of gently rolling terrains, hills and Continue reading

Avilon Montalban Zoological Park in Rodriguez

Avilon Montalban Zoological ParkAvilon Montalban Zoological Park is a 7 1/2 hectare zoological and botanical park located in Barangay San Isidro Rodriguez, Rizal. Started in 1992 owned and operated by Mr. Joaquin Gaw, as an offshoot of his habit as an exotic animal collectors, he decided to showoff to the public his collection and established the Avilon Zoo. The park in the 10 years of evolution became what it is today. Avilon MZP boost a collection of nearly 3,000 animals comprising 500 species including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and even plants with particular emphasis on Philippine endemic species, a fact that Avilon MZP is proud of. Continue reading