The Zero Kilometer Marker in Bataan

Zero Kilometer Marker Mariveles Bataan History Location World War American Soldiers Death March Troops Japanese Imperial Army Construction Significance Park Memorial Landmark Size Description Info The Zero Kilometer Marker is located in Mariveles, Bataan. During World War 2, the invading Japanese forces assembled Filipino and American defenders at this location in 1942, forcing them to marching on foot to Camp O’ Donnell in Capas, Tarlac. The Death March took the lives of almost 10,000 prisoners-of-war along the tragic trail. A marker in honor of the brave, the dignified, the honorable and the undefeated by heart was built to commemorate this infamous chapter in Philippine history. The Zero Kilometer Marker is located next to a Jolibee restaurant and near the Mariveles Municipal Hall. It is located about three hours by vehicle from Manila. It is within walking distance from the Mariveles Mini bus terminal. Continue reading

Zero Kilometer Marker in Bataan

Zero Kilometer Marker BataanThe Death March of the Filipino and American prisoners of war in 1942 started from two points in Bataan, on April 10 from Mariveles and on April 11 from Bagac going to Camp O’Donell in Capas, Tarlac. An obelisk and a bayonet thrust to the ground now marks these sights.

The marker is located near a road fork, where the left fork leads to Montemar Beach while the right leads to Bagac town proper. A few meters down the road, there is a park featuring a monument of a rifle topped with the soldier’s helmet. These Continue reading