Malandi Beach in Zamboanga

Malandi Beach Zamboanga City Labuan Island Surfing Swimming Facilities Location Fishing Snorkeling Resort House Hotel Tide Malandi Beach is located thirty kilometers from Zamboanga City. Malandi features a privately owned beach house with complete facilities. Prior reservation required for use of its facilities. This beach features gray sand and is ideal for swimming, fishing and skin diving. Mode of transport Cars, jeepneys, taxi cabs, shuttles bound for Labuan. Fare: P20.00 per person (jeepney or bus)

Zamboanga del Sur Province

Zamboanga del Sur ProvinceZamboanga del Sur occupies the southern section of the Zamboanga Peninsula that forms the western part of the island of Mindanao. The province is bounded on the north by Zamboanga del Norte; on the south by the Moro Gulf; on the southwest by Zamboanga Sibugay; and on the east and northeast by Lanao del Norte, Misamis Occidental and Panguil Bay.

Zamboanga del Sur is a province that is shaped by the migration patterns of different groups of people, making it a province of total diversity. The development of Continue reading

Zamboanga Sibugay Province

Zamboanga Sibugay ProvinceZamboanga Sibugay is a province located in the Zamboanga Peninsula region of Mindanao. Its capital is Ipil and it borders Zamboanga del Norte province to the north, Zamboanga del Sur province to the east and Zamboanga City to the southwest. To the south lies Sibuguey Bay in the Moro Gulf. Zamboanga Sibugay was created in 2001 when the third district of Zamboanga del Sur was carved out of that province. Zamboanga Sibugay is the 79th province created in the Philippines.

In early 1960’s, there was an attempt to divide Zamboanga del Sur into two Provinces. Several bills were filed in congress since the term of the late Rep. Vincenzo Sagun until that of Congresswoman Belma Cabilao to this effect. Unfortunately, all their bills remained unpassed and were relegated to the recesses of the archives. Continue reading

Vinta of Zamboanga

Vinta of ZamboangaSouth of the Philippines is a vibrant, colorful Islamic culture represented eloquently by the vinta, a striking vivid sail found only in Zamboanga. Zamboanga is the melting pot of the south. Its population embraces an interesting mix Muslims, Christians, and tribal groups which include the Badjaos and the Tausugs. More than anything else, it is the vinta with its dazzling and colorful sail that symbolizes Zamboanga and its mélange of multicultural traditions.