White Beach in Dingalan, Aurora

White Beach Paltic Dingalan Aurora Location Resort Seashells Coral Water Shells Surf Tide Ocean Swimming Snorkeling Scuba Diving Boat Rental Ride Tour Guide Visit Report Lobster Restaurant Distance White Beach is located in Paltic in Dingalan, Aurora Province. This two-kilometer long beach has numerous shells and corals scattered along the entire length of its southern half, which is approximately one kilometer long. The shore of White Beach is made up of coral reefs that gradually slope into the sea, and a bit farther from the shore is a sudden drop into the sea bottom. This area has a variety of undersea flora and fauna for divers to observe. Brain corals, sea urchins, hermit crabs and even an occasional lobster may be seen in the reef site. The northern half of the beach is of brownish white sand and is an excellent place for swimming. The whole White Beach area is bordered on the landward side by a long hillcrest with bushes and trees scattered from the foot to the top of the hill. Off-shore coral reef formations provide interesting spots for Continue reading

Malamawi Island in Basilan

Malamawi Island Isabela Basilan White Beach Lighthouse Sand Mindanao Lighthouse Location Surf Security Snorkeling Fisihing Village Malamawi Island is located in Isabela, Basilan. It is considered the gateway to Basilan Province. Here, the parola of the lighthouse guides ships and vintas to the channel. Here can also be found the traditional final resting places of the nomad sea-faring Badjaos and Samal-Luans-Banguingui. The island boasts of the only lake in the province with wild ducks and is home to the Panigayan fishing village, an ideal spearfishing destination. The beaches on Malamawi have been compared to the White Sand beaches of Boracay. Locals are predominantly Muslim Yakans and Tausugs although there are Chavacanos, who are mostly Christians. Religion aside, they welcome visitors and will be more than glad to be of assistance. Malamawi Island may not be as enticing in comparison to other famous beach resorts in Mindanao owing to some security issues, nonetheless, this Continue reading

White Beach on Malamawi Island

White Beach Malamawi IslandWhite Beach is located on Malamawi Island, right across Isabela City, the capital of Basilan Province. White Beach offers its visitors with shores that are filled with fine granules of white sand lining its pristine turquoise waters. The beach that has taken the top spot in this list is as well the best place to put on your snorkeling gears and see the bountiful sea-water creatures in it.

Boracay Boat Station 3

Map courtesy of www.boracaylive.com

Map courtesy of www.boracaylive.com

Station 3 is the southernmost section of Boracay Island. Station 3 is not as developed as Station 1 and Station 2. You can still find many of the older style bungalows and cheaper accommodation here. Station 3 is also a lot quieter than the other areas with not as many people. Although in the last few years some larger resorts have been built here but it still retains its relaxing atmosphere. A good place to book if you don’t want the crowds of people you find at station 2, while still being only a 15 minute walk from the D’Mall.

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Boracay Boat Station 2

Map courtesy of www.boracaylive.com

Map courtesy of www.boracaylive.com

Boracay‘s Boat Station 2 is the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment heart of Boracay‘s White Beach. There are also other Boracay hotels and high-end resorts in Station 2 while the rest fall under Boracay’s budget hotels. D’Mall is also located here, a collection of around one hundred small tourist shops and restaurants that reach to the back of the main road. D’Mall Boracay is the shopping center of White Beach. This is where most of the Boracay restaurants and shops are located. Continue reading

Boracay Boat Station 1

Map courtesy of www.boracaylive.com

Map courtesy of www.boracaylive.com

The best Boracay hotels are mainly located along the northern part of the beautiful 4km stretch of Boracay White Beach, known as Boat Station 1. The 4 kilometer northwestern section side of Boracay is home to some of the top rated and most expensive Boracay hotels. It is considered to be the upscale section of Boracay. This is where some of the best Boracay hotels are located: Shangri-La’s Boracay Hotel, Discovery Shores Boracay, Fridays Boracay Hotel, and many more. Continue reading

Patio Pacific Boracay

Patio Pacific Hotel BoracayStarted in 1990 as an 8-room private retreat, Patio Pacific has now bloomed to a 65-room, Triple A-rated resort, accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism. Patio Pacific is now one of Boracay‘s most favored resorts, having again won as Best Triple A Resort in Western Visayas in the 2007 Regional Tourism Excellence Awards. Ideally located on the White Beach of Boracay Island, this property’s excellent location enables guests to explore the area such as Yapak Beach, Crocodile Island and White Beach. Boasting 65 well-appointed guestrooms, all are tastefully decorated and offer a pleasing ambiance. Each guestroom features modern amenities including cable TV and private bathroom. Guests can enjoy a variety of international cuisine at onsite restaurant. The hotel also provides a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and fitness gym. Providing a cozy lodging, friendly Continue reading

Boracay Island in Aklan

White Beach BoracayAny iconic photos of Boracay you’ve seen are likely to be from the westward-facing White Beach — four kilometers of white, powdery fine sand dotted with resorts, shops, and restaurants.

White Beach is composed of three sections.

Because the waters off White Beach are calm during Amihan season (November to May), tourism is at its peak during these months when the northeastern winds blow. Conditions reverse during the rainy season, when the Habagat or monsoon winds blow. Continue reading

White Sands Beach Boardwalk Boracay

White Sands Beach Boardwalk in Boracay

The beach boardwalk next to the White Sands Beach in the Station 3 area of Boracay Island in the Philippines.

The main beach boardwalk in Boracay is just steps away from the famous White Beach and connects the regions of Station 2 with Station 3. This stretch of boardwalk can be walked in about fifteen minutes. Many of the hotels, beach bars, convenience stores, restaurants (including McDonalds!) and even ATM machines, are located within footsteps of this boardwalk. In the photograph above, the picture was taken near Station 3 and is looking in the direction of Stations 1 and 2.