Museo de Catanduanes in Virac

Museo Catanduanes Santa Elena Virac Catanduanes Fossil Hamujong Trumpet Tourism Office Location Building Exhibit Collection Display Collection History Culture Artifacts Hours Memorabilia Entrance Fee The Museo de Catanduanes is located in Santa Elena, Virac in Catanduanes Province. The Museo de Catanduanes is a one-stop shop showcasing the islands culture and history. A repository of the island’s historical and material cultural heritage, it houses several artefacts, most note-worthy of which are the Fossils of Hamujong or Trumpet shells. Found in the rocky cliffs of Virac, Japanese anthropologist declared it a rare find. Clothing and former dress of religious icons also grace the museum, as well as ancient household articles of the native Catandunganons. Located in the same building as the Tourism Office, it is a treasure trove of information about Catanduanes. Continue reading

Kosta Alcantara Beach Resort in Virac

Kosta Alkantara Beach Resort Virac Catanduanes Governor Residence Location Snorkeling Hotel Scuba Diving Fishing Tour InformationThe Kosta Alcantara Beach Resort is located between two rocky promontories at one end of the white, kilometer-long Marilima Beach. The residence of the former governor of the province who retired here with his wife and opened it to the public a few years ago. The atmosphere of the resort is a reflection of the graciousness of the governor and his staff. The house is surrounded by a garden where the ex-governor’s wife lovingly tends some magnificent species of orchids. It shoreline is covered with fine white sand its pristine azure waters never fail to lure visitors to take a dip. It faces the mainland Bicol where one could take a full view of the breath-taking Mayon Volcano. Continue reading

Maribina Falls in Bato

Maribina Falls Bato CatanduanesMaribina Falls is the most popular and widely publicized among the numerous waterfalls in Catanduanes. Secluded and relatively unexplored, the waterfalls beckon trekkers for a refreshing dip, frolic in the cool waters and rest in the surrounding boulders. Gushing with a breath-taking rapids of crystal-clear waters, the cascading falls are located amid rustic surroundings and lush-green vegetation. Maribina Falls is just a few minutes from Bato Church, and is the most publicized waterfall on the island. The falls releases cool water that is refreshing after a tiring day of exploring Virac and beaches along the coast of San Andres. This three-layer waterfall is situated amidst a lush forest with sheds waiting for visitors who want to enjoy a dip. These are only a few of the destinations you can enjoy while on the island of Catanduanes. This island is too huge to cover over a weekend Continue reading

Batag Beach in Virac

Batag Beach in Virac CatanduanesBatag Beach in Virac, Catanduanes is bordered by coconut trees and the back of the resort leans against the hill, giving it an air somewhat of the Chocolate Hills of Bohol. Its shoreline is covered with fine white sand and its pristine azure waters never falls to lure to visitor to take dip. The unspoiled beach is bordered by gleaming white sands. Its clean and natural luster is recommended for picnickers and swimmers or even for spear fishing. Aside from the usual golden sand beach that you’ll see in Catanduanes, Batag Beach has an impressive rock formation along its shore. The rocks create an arch overlooking the sea. It faces the mainland Bicol where one could take a full view of the breathtaking elegant silhouette of Mayon Volcano and its neighbor, Bulusan Volcano, in the distance. At sunset, soft clouds which Continue reading

Balite Beach in Virac

Balite Beach CatanduanesBalite Beach is conveniently located in the capital town of Virac, it has a narrow opening that provides a challenging point of entry and is hidden in the midst of thickets.The whole stretch of the beach continues to beguile visitors with its unspoiled beauty – an asset which the locals within the area are guarding zealously. The sprawling beach is covered with cool and shady trees and blessed with fine white sand, both in the shorelines and in the swimming area. Ideal for snorkeling and spear fishing because of the well-developed coral formations, the beaches are with creamy white sand and blue waters; providing visitors with alternative areas for recreation, fun, relaxation and picnics.

Catandungan Festival

Catandungan Festival CatanduanesThe Catandungan Festival is the founding anniversary of Catanduanes and occurs every October 24-26. The month-long festivity commemorates the separation of Catanduanes as an independent province from the province of Albay in 1945. Among the featured special events are: surfing competition, pantomina street dance, beauty pageant, agricultural and trade fair, sportsfest, guided tours, and photo exhibits. The focal event of the provincial celebration centers on the international and national Governor’s Surfing Cup which continually attracts surfers around the globe to test their water skills in the powerful waves of Puraran, known in the surfing world as the “Majestics”. Continue reading

Catanduanes Province

Catanduanes IslandCatanduanes, an island paradise of howling winds and strange calm, lies east of the Bicol mainland, separated from the mainland Bicol by the Maqueda Channel and the Lagonoy Gulf. It is the first landmass of the Philippine archipelago to kiss the Pacific Ocean, making it directly open to the path of tropical cyclones, thus the moniker, “The Land of the Howling Winds”. With Virac as its capital, Catanduanes is subdivided into 11 municipalities, 315 barangays and one congressional district.

The population of the province as of May 1, 2000 was 215,356 reflecting a population density of 142.5 persons per square kilometer. Continue reading