Guinaang Village in Kalinga

Guinaang Village Kalinga President Aguinaldo Headquarters Camp Population Location Distance History Resort Tour Retreat Hotel Jeepney Bus Terminal Description Airport Tribe Restaurant Barangay Info The Guinaang Village is located in Kalinga Province. This village has its historical importance to Kalinga as the retreat haven of former President Aguinaldo. This is where the Headquarters were located and the campsite. Continue reading

The Kiyangan Village in Ifugao

Kiyangan Village Habian Mungayang Kiangan Ifugao Town Ancient Ibulao River Lagawe Valley Rock Piles Rice Field History Pottery Shards Mythology Ancestor Ohayami Bus Pictures Settlement Population Kiyangan is the location of the first settlement in Ifugao Province. Kiyangan Village is located in Habian, Mungayang, in Kiangan. Kiyangan is an ancient village near the bank of the Ibulao River across the Lagawe Valley. The ancient village of Kiyangan no longer exists, but rockpiles  surrounded by rice fields still stand, physical reminder of the first human settlement of the original ancestors of the Ifugao people. Pottery shards dating back to 900 A.D. can also be seen in the rice paddies. Ifugao mythology accounts Kiyangan as the dwelling place of Wigan and Bugan, the mythological ancestors of the Ifugao when they migrated from Kay-ang. Continue reading

Cordova Reef Village Resort Cebu

Cordova Reef Village Resort Hotel CebuLocated 20 minutes from Mactan International Airport, the resort’s unique round villas are nestled in lush tropical greenery with a view of the ocean, where guests can watch the sunset and unwind at the resort’s Kota Bar. The resort is 5 minutes from Cebu’s floating restaurant, Lantaw and a 20 minute boat ride to Hilutungan’s Marine Sanctuary where guests can snorkel. Cordova Reef Village Resort has an excellent location beside the beach and is ideal for relaxing or beach activities. The hotel provides guests with a variety of outdoor activities, particularly water sports such as snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing, fishing, and open water scuba diving certification. Golfing can also be arranged for guests at a nearby golf course. Continue reading

Cambuhat River & Village in Buenavista

Cambuhat River Village BuenavistaTake the Cambuhat Village Ecotour in Buenavista and observe the local community. The tour starts with a relaxing 30-minute paddled boat ride down the placid Cambuhat River, where you can learn about the values and local management of the rich estuarine and mangrove ecosystem. Mangroves and nipa-plantations abound by the riverside. The boat ride will take you to the oyster culture farms along the tranquil river. Feast on fresh and delectable local cuisine —“slipper oysters” and other seafood. Take a hike to the village and watch how the local craftmakers transform buri palm into raffia cloth, brooms and doormats. Continue reading