The Mayohan Festival in Tayabas

Mayohan Festival Tayabas Quezon San Ididro Labrador Patron Saint Lambanog Hagisan Suman Parada Baliskog Celebration Schedule Calendar Date Theme Events Meaning Location History Fiesta Origins Pageant The Mayohan Festival is held annually in Tayabas in Quezon Province. The Mayohan festival is a week long celebration in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers. The festival is usually held every May in Tayabas. It aims to reunite everyone in the town through different gratifying activities such as Lambanog drinking, Hagisan ng

uman, Parada ng Baliskog and many others. It has been gaining support from the local residents and the local government unit since it started in 1989. Continue reading

The Malagonlong Bridge in Tayabas

Malagonlong Bridge Tayabas Quezon Location Construction History Height Length River Malagunlong Spanish Period Bricks Architecture Distance Kilometer Layout Road Map Creek Water Width Repair Fishing The Malagonlong Bridge is located in Tayabas in Quezon Province. Sometimes misspelled as Malagunlong, the bridge was constructed during the Spanish colonial period using Spanish and indigenous engineering skills and materials. The Malagonlong Bridge is considered the oldest one in Tayabas. It was constructed around 1585, when the parish church was being built. Continue reading

Casa de Comunidad de Tayabas

Casa de Comunidad de Tayabas QuezonCasa communidad de Tayabas was build as guesthouse for dignitaries during the Spanish Era. After, it became a garrison for Filipino soldiers during the World War. Now, Casa Communidad has been converted into a museum that exhibits the town’s unburied past. It houses to several Antique objects, old wardrobes by prominent people and pictures of former leaders of the town and events that took place in it. Constructed in 1831 when Don Diego Enriquez was gobernadorcillo, it is primarily designed as a guesthouse for visiting Spanish dignitaries. Casa de Comunidad is a national historical landmark which houses the local museum and the municipal library. It is host to many cultural and historical activities. It is the biggest “bahay na bato” ever restored by the National Historical Institute.

Puente de Malagonlong in Tayabas

Puente de Malagonlong BridgeMalogonlong Bridge is said to be one of the oldest and longest stone arched bridges found in the town of Tayabas, province of Quezon. The bridge is reported to have been built between the years 1840 and 1850 under the direction of the “Ministro del Pueblo,” Fray Antonio Mattheos, a Franciscan priest. Even after over 150 years after its construction, the bridge remains a testimony to the excellent stone arch bridge craftsmanship that was its foundation. It joins other such bridges in the world that are worthy of preservation as it provides us a window to the past when natural materials such as stone, molasses, eggs and blood resulted in a structure that lasted through the ages. Continue reading

Quezon Province

Quezon ProvinceQuezon Province was named after the late Philippine President Manuel Quezon. Its natural attractions include Mt. Banahaw, Puting Buhangin Beach and Baluti Island. Historical landmarks include shrines of National Heroes Claro M. Recto and Hermano Pule, the San Diego de Alcala Fortress, Alitao Bridge and Quezon Museum in Lucena City. Churches include the St. Michael Archangel Minor, Tayabas and the Church of St. Louis of Toulouse, Lucban.

Currently the sixth largest province in the country, Quezon Province, Continue reading

Tayabas Aytas

TayabasThe Aytas are called Negritos for their dark skin and kinky hair. They landed on the archipelago more than 30,000 thousand years ago and are thought to be the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines. The Negritos share some physical features with African pygmy populations.

Nowadays, rare is the Ayta wearing traditional clothing: the bahag (loincloth) for men and wraparound skirts for women. They now use urban attire. Ayta women are skilled in weaving, plaiting, and producing household containers, rattan hammocks, Continue reading