The Catholic Church of Camiling

Catholic Church Camiling Tarlac Saint Michael Archangel Parish Building Location General Pedro Pedroche Francisco Makabulos Earthquake Restoration Location Size Architecture Fire Museum History Info The Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church is located in Camiling in Tarlac Province. Also known simply as the Catholic Church of Camiling, this building was built during the Spanish period in the 1700’s; The centuries-old Roman Catholic Church and Convent have been declared historical site by National Historical Commission in 1994. The Church was the death place of General Pedro Pedroche and his men in the hands of Francisco Makabulos and high revolutionary troops on orders of General Luna on charges of rebellion. It was destroyed and rebuilt in 1880s after a surge of major earthquake. Having served as concrete testimonies to the unfolding of historical drama during the Spanish Revolution before being burned on 1997 that have affected even its constituent Camiling Catholic School. Now their ruins stand and being restored painfully Continue reading

The Maria Clara Town Plaza in Camiling

Maria Clara Town Plaza Camiling Tarlac Sports Field Park Playground Location Auditorium Grassy Field Meeting Public Market Size Construction History Acacia Trees Venue Meetup Pavilion History Layout The Maria Clara Town Plaza is located in Camiling in Tarlac Province. The Maria Clara Town Plaza complex features a sports field, a park, a playground, an auditorium and a wide grassy field. It currently hosts one of the two temporary Camiling Public Markets as it is under construction for the moment. Maria Clara Town Plaza is the second widest park plaza in the province which composed of four hectares of lands suitable for some activities celebrated by the municipality and some schools of Camiling. One of the magnificent wonders of this place are the Acacia trees. The age now are 412 years old(2009) that until now it is strong and standing enormously in the park plaza. People said that these trees were really a rich treasures of the place of Camiling. These shows that the Camilenous had preserve and make their culture and tradition rich. These trees are Continue reading

Carlos P. Romulo Memorial Library in Tarlac

Carlos Romulo Memorial Library Tarlac Location Building Manuel Roxas Collection Books Materials National High School Resource Video Audio Layout Map Room Hall History Construction University Education The Carlos P. Romulo Memorial Library, also simply known as the Tarlac Provincial Library, is located in Tarlic City, Tarlac Province. Carlos Romulo was born on January 14, 1898 in Camiling, is one of the most prominent and respected figures of Tarlac. He is an alumnus of the Tarlac National High School, where he received his educational foundations. When he later studied higher education in the University of the Philippines, he was considered to be an outstanding student. A journalist, author and publisher, he was able to write twelve books in the English Language. He also received 82 honorary degrees from different international Continue reading

The San Sebastian Cathedral in Tarlac

San Sebastian Cathedral Tarlac City Church Plazuela Tanedo Street Location Cientifico Literaria Universidad Filipinas Blessed Sacrament Building History Construction Architecture Priest Schedule Info The San Sebastian Cathedral is located at the heart of Tarlac City, across the Tarlac Plazuela, and at the end of Tañedo Street. It was once the venue of the commencement excercise of the Cientifico Literaria Universidad de Filipinas in 1899, when then-Honorable Emilio Aguinaldo was the president of the republic and of the university. Now, the cathedral is one that is frequently visited by pilgrims because of the exposed Blessed Sacrament housed in a chapel inside of it. Recently constructed inside is the cathedral’s baptistery. Continue reading

Central Azucarera de Tarlac in Tarlac

Central Azucarera Tarlac San Miguel City Sugar Industry Cat Manufacturing Plant History Construction Alcohol Liquid Carbon Dioxide Yeast Factory Location Land Luisita Agro Industrial Complex Mill Central Azucarera de Tarlac is located in San Miguel, Tarlac City. Known in the Philippine sugar industry as CAT, Central Azucarera de Tarlac is an integrated manufacturing plant which produces raw and refined sugar, alcohol, liquid carbon dioxide and yeast. The factory is located in a 50-hectare land located inside the Luisita Agro-Industrial Complex in San Miguel, Tarlac City, Tarlac. The sugar cane milled is sourced within the Tarlac district and nearby towns of Pampanga. Continue reading

Animal Kingdom Rescue Center in Tarlac

Animal Kingdom Foundation Rescue Rehabilitation Center Capas Tarlac Dog Shelter Location Cub Dog Meat Trade Industry Size Housing Donate Facility Kennel Adoption Pet Quarantine Area History OwnerAnimal Kingdom Foundation Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is a dog shelter located in Capas, Tarlac. This dog shelter is haven for the once slaughter-bound Philippine native dogs. Located in Barangay Cub-Cub, the Animal Kingdom Center is the largest animal shelter in the country where not only beautiful white beaches, sumptuous dishes and mouth watering fruits are abundant but also cute, wonderful and loving creatures abound. This animal shelter is built for native dogs rescued from the dog-meat trade. Officially commissioned in July 2006, the shelter now currently houses over 300 dogs. It is complete with veterinary medical facilities and other essential amenities necessary for the dogs’ welfare. More importantly, it is the only animal shelter in the country with its own Quarantine area. The shelter is accredited by the Bureau of Animal Industry (Department of Agriculture) and now offers an adoption scheme for interested animal-loving individuals. For further details, pls contact Animal Kingdom Foundation, Inc., Continue reading

Capas National Shrine in Tarlac

Capas National Shrine Tarlac Camp Odonnell Barangay History World War Prison Death March Obelisk Monument Landmark Wall Heroes Marble Location Memorial Battling Bastards Bataan Cement Cross Pow Info The Capas National Shrine is located in Barangay O’Donnell in Capas, Tarlac. Barangay O’Donnell is the location of the first prison camp for the men who survived the “Death March” at the hands of the Japanese during World War 2 in 1942. This shrine has an obelisk inside it that marks the final resting place of all the Filipino and American Prisoners killed at the end of the famous Bataan Death March of the Second World War. Surrounding the obelisk is a ‘Wall of Heroes’, a three-segment black marble wall, where names of each of the perished soldiers are engraved. Approximately 90 hectares, the shrine also has thousands of trees that represent the dead. Continue reading

Maria Clara Museum in Tarlac

Maria Clara Museum Camiling Tarlac Leonor Rivera Residence House Novel Noli Tangere Filibusterismo Jose Rizal Display Collection Jewelry Map Photographs Furniture Hours Visit Location History Info The Maria Clara Museum is located in Camiling, Tarlac and was once the residence of Leonor Rivera. The building now stands as an edifice of countless memories.  Immortalized through Maria Clara in the novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, by Jose P. Rizal, many visit to this mini-museum to feel what love binds the National Hero to Leonor. Preserved inside are priceless pieces like jewelry and musical boxes, photographs, and ornate pieces like furniture. The museum is privately managed and can be visited on request. The artifacts on display at the museum are some of Leonor Rivera’s porcelain. Continue reading

Bueno Hot Spring in Capas

Bueno Hot Spring Capas Tarlac Water Volcanic Heat Mount Pinatubo Danum Mapali Barangay Bueno Concrete Pools Temperature Depth Size Tour Guide Capas Botolan Road Location Distance Camping Hiking Bueno Hot Spring is located in Capas, Tarlac Province. The warm water is from the volcanic heat of Mount Pinatubo, which is 10 kilometers away. Located in Sitio Danum Mapali, Brgy Bueno, the Bueno Hot Spring is impounded in two concrete pools – about two to three feet in height. One pool has a temperature of 45 degrees centigrade and neutral pH level of 5.5. Its flow rate was recorded at 1/2 gal/min. The other pool has a temperature of 49.5 degrees centigrade with pH level at 5.5. The place may be reached through the Capas-Botolan Road. A perfect haven for local excursionists. Continue reading

Whitewater Kayaking on the Bulsa River

Whitewater Kayaking Bulsa River Maamot San Jose Tarlac Paddle Kayak Extreme Sports Water Safety Equipment Rental Rapid Stream Ecotours Office Reservation Tickets Paddling Duration Surfing Cliff Whitewater Kayaking is a new extreme sport at the rapids of the Bulsa River in San Jose, Tarlac. Explore the breathtaking landscapes of San Jose, Tarlac while having the adventure of a lifetime in an inflatable kayak. As you paddle down the incredible rivers, you will be immersed in nature, surrounded by mountains, and face to face with wildlife. Class 1 & 2 rapids the whole family will enjoy. The rapids are generally smooth and gentle to moderately quick, and the passages between rocks are clear and open. The activity is organized from Rapid Stream Ecotours, the sole proprietor of kayaking trips in the region. The paddling begins in the mountain village of Maamot, where the body of water originates and traverses through the landscapes of San Jose and its rural scenes. The next few hours in the water the pace Continue reading