The Tanay Catholic Church in Rizal

Tanay Catholic Church Rizal San Ildefonso Location History Construction Architecture Layout Parish Schedule Mass Wedding Priest Statue Tour Visit Structure Building Convent Worship Congregation The Tanay Catholic Church, formally known as the San Ildefonso Parish Church, is located in Tanay, Rizal Province. The Tanay Church was first built in 1606 and was originally constructed of nipa and bamboo. The current structure, made of locally quarried stone, was completed in 1680. In 1783, it was reconstructed together with the convent. The church is an example of early Renaissance architecture. It has a four-story octagonal tower, a fa├žade of adobe blocks, relieved by columns and semicircular arched windows. Its podium is adorned by a niche with a statue of San Ildefonso de Toledo. A convent and a courtyard connect the church to the Catholic school managed by the Diocese of Antipolo. Within are ornate altars with statues of saints. Finely carved, the 200 year-old Stations of the Cross add luster to the antiquity of the Continue reading