The Mayon Zigzag in Canlaon

Mayon Zigzag Canlaon Negros Oriental Highway Barangay Bagawines Street Shape Location Distance Kilometer View Tanon Strait Cebu Tagbino Map Toll Length Size History Description Avenue Toll Traffic The Mayon Zigzag is a highway located in Canlaon in Negros Oriental Province. The Mayon Zigzag is the portion of the highway from the junction of Barangay Bagawines where the road ascends into a zigzag, affording a changing panoramic view of the blue waters of Tañon Strait and the island of Cebu, and hugging the foothill dwellings of farmers like toy houses surrounded by cornfields. The climb ends in Barangay Tagbino of Canlaon City. Canlaon is located 168 kilometers (104 miles) north from the provincial capital of Dumaguete and is home to the highest mountain in the province, the Kanlaon Volcano. Continue reading