Sayongsong This famous Surigao delicacy is a “kakanin” wrapped in banana leaves with the color and consistency of a “puto” or rice cake. It’s made up of glutinous rice, brown sugar, calamansi juice, roasted peanut, and coconut milk. Sayongsong comes out wrapped in banana leaves. Sayongsong is best eaten hot and fresh from the cauldron, and taken with a hot cup of ‘sikwate’ or native chocolate. Some people say it tastes like puto but with coconut milk. This can be easily found in public markets, food stalls, and “pasalubong” shops.

Bonok-Bonok Maradjao Karadjao Festival

Bonok-Bonok Maradjao Karadjao FestivalCelebrated on September 9, Bonok Bonok Maradjao Karadjao is celebrated in Surigao City, in Surigao del Norte province. This festival coincides with the feast of San Nicolas de Tolentino. Highlighting the day-long annual event is the dancing of the bonok-bonok by the ethnic Mamanwas, performed during thanksgiving, wedding ceremonies, and worship. Performing the dance is their way of praying the gods for good health and bountiful harvest. During the festivity, a contest is held between barangays and the coastal areas aiming to beautify Surigao City.

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Sagisi Island in Surigao

Sagisi IslandSagisi is an uninhabited island resort with a two-kilometer shoreline of cream colored sand generously sprinkled with seashells and coral fragments.

Close to the shore under crystal clear waters is a shallow strip of coral reef teeming with colorful fish.. This underwater garden holds a variety of marine life in red, gold, blue, pink, lavender and other rich colors. Easily recognizable are the hump corals, staghorn corals, fire corals and mushroom collars. There are also sponges, starfish, crabs, sea urchins and harmless jelly fishes.

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T’boli Tribal Festival in Lake Sebu

T'boli Tribal FestivalLemlunay, also known as the T’Boli Tribal Festival, is an annual celebration in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato province. Celebrated every third week of September. This thanksgiving festival stems from the belief of the T’boli in a golden age which they call Lem-lunay, a sort of Camelot or paradise which they would like to rebuild for themselves. Each festival is a venue to reenergize the people and renew their vow to work for this coveted state of life. Features the convengence of the 6 major tribes of South Cotabato (T´boli, Ubo, Manobo, Kalagan, Maguindanao, Tasaday) together with representatives from the different tribes in Davao (Tirurays, Mandaya, Surigao tribes, Langilan, Bilaan, Bagog, Mansaka).

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Surigao Airport

Surigao AirportThe Surigao Domestic Airport is an airport serving the general area of Surigao City, in the province of Surigao del Norte. The Surigao Airport Code is SUG. The airlines that currently serve this airport are Cebu Pacific, with flights going to and from Cebu, Philippine Airlines (operated by PAL Express), with flights going to and from Manila.

On Siargao Island, a smaller airport is located in Sayak, Del Carmen, which can accommodate light and other smaller aircrafts.

Cantiasay San Pedro Footbridge

Cantiasay San Pedro FootbridgeThe Cantiasay-San Pedro bridge in Surigao is the Philippine’s longest wooden foot bridge. This bridge connects Hanigad Island to Nonoc Island. Surigao’s version of the famous San Juanico Bridge, this wooden footbridge is one of country’s longest at 391 meters. Originally conceived to ease movement and communication between two towns, the bridge through time has transformed itself into a resting and promenade area, giving one the exhilarating experience and thrill of crossing two islands on foot.

Suroy sa Surigao in Jaro

Jaro CathedralSuroy sa Surigao is the biggest and most opulent religious pageantry in Western Visayas with the blessing of candles and a procession of the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria and the Fiesta Queen and her court.

This month long celebration is initiated by the City Tourism Office to promote the beauty of Surigao City. Local and foreign tourists are enticed to explore the city and try exciting and fun activities such as island hopping, cave exploration, canoeing, trekking, and visiting the other beautiful sites in the city.

Surigao City

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