The Tilaw Food Festival in Surigao City

Tilaw Food Festival Surigao City culinary taste cooking competiion celebration schedule calendar date theme events meaning location history fiesta origins pageant lineup parade costumes props photos The Tilaw Food Festival is held annually in Surigao City. The Tilaw Food Festival showcases the Surigaonon culinary heritage through food fairs and competitions designed to upgrade the city’s food and beverage industry. Tilaw means taste. One of the most-awaited activities of this gastronomic affair is the Cooking Contest which brings together the best of the bests cooks of the region to create new dishes or versions of their native specialties. The City Government through their Tourism Office encourages Surigaonons to discover new cuisines that they can call their own. Some of the latest brands they have are the Pan de Nicolas (biscuit similar to otap or browas) and “STK” (sugba-tula-kilaw) or grill-soup-sushi. Students also have opportunities to show their skills and talents on different competitions on bartending and cocktail, table-setting, skirting and Continue reading

The Magpupungko Rock Formation in Pilar

Magpupungko Rock Formation Pilar Surigao Del Norte Stone Shape Beach Pacific Ocean Boulder Pungko White Resort Pebbles Water Waves Visit Tour Barangay General Luna Catangnan Granite Limestone History The Magpupungko Rock Formation is located in Pilar in Surigao del Norte Province. The Magpupungko Rock is a group of limestone and granite sculptures that face the Pacific Ocean. The most notable rock formation is the huge, rounding boulder that appears to sit atop a stone base. The attraction is called Magpupungko because of the gigantic rock dwelling on that appears to be stacked on another rock. ‘Pungko’ is a local term for squat, bend, or sitting down. The Magpupungko Rock Formation is located on an ample stretch of a white sand beach. There is also a natural tidal pool with clear water that protecs swimmers from the stronger waves coming from the ocean. Magpupungko Beach can be accessed via a habal-habal (motorcycle ride) to the town of Pilar at about Php 200 roundtrip from General Luna. It is Continue reading

Raza Island in Surigao

Raza Island Surigao Del Norte Notoc Coast Location Beach Size Distance Resort Tour Guide Boat Rental Swimming Surf Report Tide Snorkeling Scuba Diving Seashells Sand History Length Layout Map Info Raza Island is located near Notoc, off the coast of Surigao City, in Surigao del Norte Province. Raza Island is an undeveloped developed island with very little facilities. The island offers visitors a perfect escape if the bustle of the other developed regions of the Philippines. A unique phenomenon about Raza Island is that the surf tide reverses every three to six hours. One can experience a low tide at one end of the island and the high tide at the other end. It is common to see people picking up sea shells at one end and then continuing the task at the opposite end when the tides reverse. Continue reading

The Mapawa Cave in Surigao del Norte

Mapawa Cave Surigao Del Norte Location Barangay Cavern Entrance Distance Length Kilometer Cathedral Shape Dome Stalactite Chamber History Discovery Tour Guide Hiking Trail Size Difficulty Spelunking The Mapawa Cave is located in Barangay Mapawa in Surigao del Norte Province. Mapawa cave is located 15 kilometers away from the city proper. It has cathedral-shaped inner domes richly decorated with magnificent stalactites having like natural chandeliers balanced by an enthralling sight of varied sized stalagmites. Continue reading

Pansukian Reef in Surigao del Norte

Pansukian Reef General Luna Surigao Del Norte Naked Island Location Boat Surfing Wave Swell Spot White Sand Low High Tide Surf Current Size Meters Long Right Hand Break History Depth Swimming Water The Pansukian Reef is a massive coastal reef located in General Luna in Surigao del Norte province. Located just 20 minutes by banca south of General Luna, Pansukian reef offers an open right hand break that needs a swell of 2 meters or more to work. When the wave is big, it has a great inside barrel section. However, one has to keep watch of strong currents. Pansukian Reef is 200 meters long and is situated on the edge of the Philippine Trench. Continue reading

Antokon Island in Surigao del Norte

Antokon Island Magontoc General Luna Surigao Del Norte Surfing Barangay Suyuangan Surf Spot Left Wrap 180 Degrees Shore Beach Breaks Tide Report Location Distance Waves Water Shop Board Pictures Info Antokon Island, also known as Magontoc Island, is located in Surigao del Norte province. Antokon Island, which is part of the municipality of General Luna, and in barangay Suyuangan, is a surfing spot known for a perfect left wrap of 180 degrees around its shore. Large swells are needed before waves break cleanly. The breaks are less powerful from the usual intensity of the bigger waves from other breaks. There is also an excellent right hand break on the opposite side of Antokon Island. Continue reading

Rock Island in General Luna

Rock Island General Luna Surigao Del Norte Santa Fe Malimono Suyangan Barangay Surfing Spot Break Swell Beach Surf Location Size Distance Wave Swimming Meters Depth Boat Tide Report Water Surfers Rock Island is located ten minutes away from General Luna in Surigao del Norte province. Rock Island is located at the Santa Fe, Malimono, and Suyangan barangays. Rock Island delivers another right hand break. The swell wraps around the base of a small rock island about 1 1/2 kilometers offshore. It hallows out and bowls over into superbly into high speed sections that will sometimes deliver 2 meter rides. It is an excellent high performance wave that can hold swells up to a double overhead. It is at its best at 2 to 3 meters. Rock Island is accessible by boat and best at low tide Continue reading

Dried Pidjanga from Lake Mainit

Dried Pijanga Lake Mainit Surigao del NorteDried Pidjanga, also known as White Goby, comes from Lake Mainit in Surigao del Norte. Lake Mainit is the country’s fourth largest lake and the province’s most significant body of water filled with freshwater fauna such as carp, tilapia, catfish, and the famous pidjanga. This delicacy has a special story because it’s produced from the efforts of the rural agrarian reform community of Surigao. Tourists and locals bring this home frequently because of its unique taste. Continue reading

The Caraga Region

Caraga Region PhilippinesThe Caraga Region was created through Republic Act 7901 which was approved on February 25, 1995 by then President Fidel V. Ramos. Also designated as Region XIII, the region is situated in the northeast section of Mindanao. It is bounded on the North by the Surigao Strait, on the West by the Provinces of Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental, on the South by the Province of Davao del Norte and on the East by the Pacific Ocean.

The name Caraga already existed in the lexicon of Spanish-era Philippines, dating more than 400 years ago. Spaniards formed Caraga through a military garrison in 1609 to reinforce their invasion of Continue reading

Sohoton Bay in Bucas Grande

Sohoton Bay Surigao del NortePerched in the southwest portion of Bucas Grande Island, Sohoton Bay features raw beauty where the edge of the earth meets the majestic sea. When you visit, you’ll think of words like calm, enchanted, and maybe even otherworldly. The islands are perfectly viridescent while the water shade is everything in between blue and green. One of the “fairies” that live in Sohoton Bay are the spotted jellies (Mastigias Papua). They are friendly, stingless, and at the same time, vulnerable. These jellyfishes swarm on the surface of Tojoman Lagoon every June, when mating season starts, to find potential partners. ` Continue reading