General Luna in Siargao

General Luna Siargao Island Agusan Del Norte Town Location Resort Surfing City Capital Beach Coral Barrier Waves Surf Tide Distance Kilometer Ocean Hotel Cloud Season Tour Guide Population Map Info General Luna is located on Siargao Island in Agusan del Norte Province. General Luna has the most resorts on the island along with a 27 kilometer stretch of sugar-white beaches, sapphire seas and natural coral barrier that keeps the inlet waters placid. Siargao Island is considered the Surfing Capital of the Philippines. At high tide, tube-like waves from the Pacific Ocean can be heard and seen throughout General Luna. The town is also the place where you can view different quality surfing waves in the famous Cloud 9. A perfect destination for surfing during the months of November to January and Island hopping adventure from November to January. Continue reading

Cemento Beach & Reef in Aurora

Cemento Beach Reef Aurora Province White Sand Resort Location Surfing Tide Waves Water Swimming Tour Guide Boat Rental Visit History Surf Report Baler Sabang Sports Coral Seashell Breaks Hotel Info Cemento Beach & Reef is located in Baler in Aurora Province. White sand, seashells, and crushed corals carpet the stretch of Cemento Beach. From October to February, waves tower up to 14 feet high, making for excellent and challenging surfing, as experts from Europe, Japan and Australia can attest. The area is recommended for expert or professional surfers as the waves break at the reef and are of the right-hand break type. The surfer is advised to wear wetsuits for protection. The area is also suitable for snorkeling and wall diving during the calm season from April to June. Finally, Cemento Beach is a popular haven for lobsters and other marine species. To get to Cemento Beach, take a tricycle from Baler town proper to the river outlet south of Sabang Beach. From there, you can either hire a motorized banca for a 10-minute ride to Continue reading

Charlie’s Point in Baler, Aurora

Charlies Point Baler Aurora Surfing Spot Kagewad Location Filming Apocalypse Movie Surf Beach Water Shore Right Left Hand Break Gravel Sand Season Aguang River Ocean Reserva Barangay History Film Info Charlie’s Point is a popular surfing spot located in Baler, Aurora Province. Locally known as Kagewad, Charlie’s Point derives its name from the movie Apocalypse Now, where scenes from the film were shot. Charlie’s Point is known for its medium quality right-hand and left-hand break waves on a sandy and gravel bottom (left hand wave: a wave that breaks from right to left from the point of view of the surfer, requiring the surfer to turn left to catch the wave). The waves are best in December and January. Charlie’s Point, a rivermouth break, can be found where the Aguang River meets the Philippine Sea. Located at Barangay Reserva, Charlie’s Point is within a few minutes’ tricycle ride from Baler, on the north end of Sabang beach. On foot, it is about a half hour’s easy walk from Bay’s Inn Lodging & Continue reading

Pansukian Reef in Surigao del Norte

Pansukian Reef General Luna Surigao Del Norte Naked Island Location Boat Surfing Wave Swell Spot White Sand Low High Tide Surf Current Size Meters Long Right Hand Break History Depth Swimming Water The Pansukian Reef is a massive coastal reef located in General Luna in Surigao del Norte province. Located just 20 minutes by banca south of General Luna, Pansukian reef offers an open right hand break that needs a swell of 2 meters or more to work. When the wave is big, it has a great inside barrel section. However, one has to keep watch of strong currents. Pansukian Reef is 200 meters long and is situated on the edge of the Philippine Trench. Continue reading

Antokon Island in Surigao del Norte

Antokon Island Magontoc General Luna Surigao Del Norte Surfing Barangay Suyuangan Surf Spot Left Wrap 180 Degrees Shore Beach Breaks Tide Report Location Distance Waves Water Shop Board Pictures Info Antokon Island, also known as Magontoc Island, is located in Surigao del Norte province. Antokon Island, which is part of the municipality of General Luna, and in barangay Suyuangan, is a surfing spot known for a perfect left wrap of 180 degrees around its shore. Large swells are needed before waves break cleanly. The breaks are less powerful from the usual intensity of the bigger waves from other breaks. There is also an excellent right hand break on the opposite side of Antokon Island. Continue reading

Rock Island in General Luna

Rock Island General Luna Surigao Del Norte Santa Fe Malimono Suyangan Barangay Surfing Spot Break Swell Beach Surf Location Size Distance Wave Swimming Meters Depth Boat Tide Report Water Surfers Rock Island is located ten minutes away from General Luna in Surigao del Norte province. Rock Island is located at the Santa Fe, Malimono, and Suyangan barangays. Rock Island delivers another right hand break. The swell wraps around the base of a small rock island about 1 1/2 kilometers offshore. It hallows out and bowls over into superbly into high speed sections that will sometimes deliver 2 meter rides. It is an excellent high performance wave that can hold swells up to a double overhead. It is at its best at 2 to 3 meters. Rock Island is accessible by boat and best at low tide Continue reading

Puraran Beach Surfing

Puraran BeachSituated along the eastern coast of the island province of Catanduanes, Philippines, and facing the Pacific Ocean, Puraran is gifted with natural scenic beauty with its long and white sandy beach, crystal clear water, islets to explore and long, barrelled waves perfect for surfing.

Puraran was a quiet little fishing village until 1984 when Australian surfer Peter Sutton riding on his big motorbike in search of a surf spot came upon this village and discovered “the wave with the perfect barrel”. Looking for a place to stay, he met the family of Mr. Rudy & Cecilia Soria both teachers in the village school and stayed with the family in their little bungalow Continue reading

Surfing in General Luna, Siargao

Surfing SiargaoSurigao del Norte is a mosaic island in the northeastern tip of Mindanao. A province that has managed to preserve its natural marvel through the years. On the eastern side of the province is Siargao Island, a tropical jewel that hosts one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and home of wave surfing, the latest sport and tourist attraction to take the country by storm.

Siargao is a tear-drop shaped island situated 800 kilometers southeast of Manila. It has a land mass of approximately 437 kilometers. The east coast is relatively straight with one deep inlet-Port Pilar with a coastline Continue reading

Baler, Aurora

Baler SurfingBaler is the capital of Aurora Province. The long coastline of Aurora is exposed to the Pacific Ocean and when the ocean stirs, it unloads massive swells on the coastline. It is possible to get waves here all year round, but generally the best waves come in from October to February. The surfing scene in the film Apocalypse Now was filmed in Baler at Charlie’s Point. When the film crew departed, they left their surfboards behind, igniting the popularity of surfing in Baler. Surfers from all over the world compete here for the annual Aurora Surfing Cup. Great and accessible surfing areas in Baler include Sabang Beach, Cemento Beach, Charlie’s Point and Lindy’s Point. Local surfers are always friendly and hospitable to visitors, and it pays to learn from their experience with the waves. Continue reading


WindsurfingOn wild waters where strong winds blow, windsurfing is an excellent sports to engage in. Also known as board sailing, it involves riding on the surface of the water on a board with a sail that is propelled by the wind. The best time for windsurfing in the Philippines is during the Amihan season, which lasts from early November until mid-April, when the weather is warm and dry with steady wind conditions.

Boracay is the best place for windsurfing beginners. It has a perfect mixture of sun, heat and surf. There are spots there where the water is always warm and the lagoon is shallow enough to stand in most places. Another some of the most popular wind surfing destinations in the Philippines are Lake Caliraya, Subic Bay, Anchor Bay Water Sports, Anilao, and Pagudpud.