Bonchon Chicken at Subic Harbor Point

Bonchon Chicken Crispy Squid RiceboxThe Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Subic is located inside the Subic Harbor Point shopping mall in Olongapo City. Bonchon Chicken is a New York based restaurant chain specializing in serving Korean style fast food cuisine. Since its restaurant opened its doors, diners have been eager to get a taste of their crunchy and tasty drumsticks and chicken wings. Bonchon’s chicken can be described as crunchy but light and not oily, with hot moist juicy meat and sauced the Bonchon way.

In order to have crunchy Korean style chicken, a double-frying method is implemented, in which the first process removes any unnecessary chicken fat to make it more crispier; And the second batch has added spicy sauce or Soy garlic for the distinct flavor. Continue reading

Pamana Island in Subic Bay

Pamana Island Subic Bay Zambales Sneak Naval Base Resort Facilities Accomodation Fishing Waves Isla Pequena Coves Mountain Beaches Hotel Volleyball Rollerblading Soccer Tennis Billiards Frisbee Darts Pamana Island is located in Subic Bay, in Zambales Province. Formerly called Sneak Island during the time of Subic Naval Base, the island also home to a resort with first class amenities & accommodation. This island used to be a haven for fishermen to escape the giant waves during stormy weathers,which must be the reason why it is known to locals as the Sneak Island. Today, Isla Pequena offers its coves, mountains & beaches as solace & base for guests of the Pamana Island Resort. Many rooms have pool & sea views. On-site island recreation includes beach volleyball, roller blading, table soccer, table tennis, billiards, frisbee, darts, mahjong, badminton, and needless to say, water sports activities. Continue reading

Tree Top Adventure at Subic Bay

Tree Top Adventure Subic Bay Freeport Canopy Walk Trekking Drop Superman Ride Tour Zipline Upper Cubi Location Park Facility Rainforest Jungle Trail Bridge Nature Sanctuary Entrance Fee Rides Animals Tree Top Adventure is a nature park which offers a Canopy Walk, Trekking, Tree Drop, and the Superman ride. Tree-top type adventures and adventure tourism in general are gaining tremendous popularity worldwide. The Tree Top Adventure Park at Subic Bay is patterned after the canopy tour or zip-line tour originally developed in Costa Rica. Situated in the incredible Upper Cubi, deeply-forested jungle-area of Subic is Treetop Adventure; a facility delivering some of the most exciting experiences available in the entire Philippines. Embark on adventure tourism 100 feet above the ground, as expansive vistas entrench and bathe you in the lush wonder of the Subic rainforest. Experience jungle trails, not of the ordinary variety at all; no, these trails are situated 100 feet above the ground, consisting of platforms, suspension bridges and a Continue reading

El Kabayo Equestrian Center in Subic

El Kabayo Equestrian Center Binictican Subic Bay Freeport Zambales Horse Stable Thoroughbred Saddlebread Quarter Standardbred Breed Horseback Riding Tour Kabayo Falls Location History Fees Entrance The El Kabayo Equestrian Center is located in Binictican, in the Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales Province. The center uses horses imported from the U.S., Argentina, and Australia. The breeds include thoroughbreds, saddlebreds, quarter horses and even a few standardbreds. The horses are a great contrast to the native breeds normally found in the Philippines. Even if riding is not on your agenda, a visit here is well worth the trip even if it is only to admire the magnificent horses, and trot to Kabayo Falls. To get to the El Kabayo Equestrian Center, if you are coming from Manila, take the North Luzon Expressway, then go straight for the Subic Expressway. Continue reading

The Gubat Learning Center in Subic Bay

Gubat Learning Center Upper Cubi Subic Bay Freeport Zambales School Education Motivation Exit Modules Biodiversity Course Class Resource Biotechnology Location Building History Schedule Calendar The Gubat Learning Center is located in Upper Cubi, Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales Province. The center educates, motivates and empower people to understand, enjoy and protect the environment through various exit modules. The storyline highlights the bats and how they relate to the total forest ecosystem. Its is about the whole range of life-forms and ecosystems found in the Philippines, or simply put, the best of Philippines biodiversity.As we mark this year’s International Biodiversity Day with the theme “Biodiversity and Agriculture”, we witness the erosion of the world’s biologically diverse genetic resources through biotechnology, natural disasters, land degradation and climate change. Their telephone contact number is 252-5233. Continue reading

Subic Bay Scuba Diving

Subic Bay Scuba Diving Shipwrecks Site Location World War Uss New York United States Cruiser Japanese Many places around the world brag at having three or four shipwrecks within an hour from their centers. Subic Bay has about a dozen, plus more for the technical divers, within ten munutes. The ships are mostly from WWII. Near the northern end of the airport is The USS New York the United States Navy’s first armor cruiser seeing service from the Spanish American war. Inactive at the outbreak of WWII she was scuttled to prevent her being captured and repaired. Nearby her are two Japanese ships sunk during the war. In a cove near the southern end of the airport is a small Japanese patrol boat also sunk during the war. Near her are two small US ships sunk by storms after the war. Outside of the cove is an LST. Near her is another storm casualty a US freighter and there is a Spanish gun boat from the Spanish American war. Subic Bay does not have the crystal clear waters of most other Continue reading

Camayan Beach Resort, Subic Bay

Miracle Beach SubicCamayan Beach was formerly known as Miracle Beach during the days of the US Navy’s presence in Subic Bay. The management team of Ocean Adventure assumed responsibility for Miracle Beach, the best beach in Subic, in December, 2002. In July, 2005, the first hotel building was completed and Camayan Beach Resort was in business. Designed for both business and leisure travel, Camayan Beach Resort Hotel is ideally situated in Freeport Zone; one of the city’s most popular locales. From here, guests can enjoy easy access to all that the lively city has to offer. With the city’s main attractions such as Tree Top Adventure Subic, Olongapo Lighthouse, Continue reading

Subic Bay Yacht Club

Subic Bay Yacht ClubSubic Bay Yacht Club, a recreational facility located north of Manila, has the making of a world-class resort. In fact, it was designed to meet and even exceed every visitor’s expectations. With its location near the business district of Subic Bay Freeport, or about an hour drive from Manila via the North Luzon and SubicTarlac expressway, you would find this club convenient and affordable for a weekend getaway. Continue reading

Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay

Ocean Adventure Subic BayOcean Adventure is the first and only Open Water Marine Theme Park in Southeast Asia. It has become one of the premiere attractions in Subic Bay, Philippines as well as all of Southeast Asia. Ocean Adventure has demonstrated history of providing environmental awareness education combined with wholesome entertainment. Ocean Adventure’s advocacy for environmental protection and its corporate social responsibility programs are second to none. Step next door for a world of wonder – Ocean Adventure, the only open-water marine park in Southeast Asia. Featuring fantastic shows, 2 aquariums, and multiple opportunities to get up-close and personal with our amazing dolphins, sea lions, and rescued forest animals. Continue reading

Grande Island Resort in Subic

Grande Island Resort SubicGrande Island Resort is a recreational resort facility located 110 kilometer northwest of Manila, and south of the Zambales Province. You will find this Resort convenient for a weekend island getaway with its location near the business district of Subic Bay Freeport Zone, or about an hour drive from Manila via the North Luzon Expressway and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway.


This 42-hectare hideaway is a protected area and an ideal spot from which to discover Subic. Grande Island Resort is a haven where nature and leisure meet as it complements the scenic natural landscape. Continue reading