Bonchon Chicken at the Veranza Mall

Bonchon Chicken Combo B BoxThe Bonchon Chicken restaurant in General Santos City is located inside the Veranza shopping mall. Bonchon Chicken is a popular Korean restaurant chain rapidly expanding in the Philippines. Since its restaurant opened its doors, diners have been waiting to get a taste of Bonchon’s unique crunchy and tasty chicken wings and drumsticks. Bonchon’s chicken can be described as very crunchy yet light and not oily, with hot moist juicy meat and flavored the Bonchon way.

The secret to preparing crispy chicken is the double-frying technique, where the first process gets rid of the unnecessary chicken fat giving it a more crispier, and the subsequent fry has their special soy garlic or spicy sauce for the added flavor. Continue reading

Nopol Hills in General Santos City

Nopol Hills Mabuhay General Santos City Mindanao Sarangani Bay South Cotabato Leyson Cattle Ranch Location View Nopol Hills is General Santos City‘s highest camping ground in elevation and gives a good panoramic view of Sarangani Bay and its neighboring towns. Located in Mabuhay, it is 45 minutes away from General Santos City. Nopol Hills is the only land area in the City with 200 hectares or more of tropical forest and animals especially warty pigs. It is a good place for camping and viewing the city at night time. The place also offers scenic view of the City. South Cotabato, Sarangani Province and Sarangani Bay. The commute to Nopol Hills is via unpaved roads to Leyson Cattle Ranch.


Mambucal Spring in Koronadal South Cotabato

Mambucal Spring Koronadal South Cotabato Hot Water Cold Sulfur Location Japanese Resort Mambukal Depth Tour Guide Mambucal Hot Springs is located five kilometers from Koronadal, South Cotabato. This sulfur spring rests 1,200 feet above sea level and is a beautiful architectural achievement for anyone to visit and vacation in. The Japanese inspired resort was built in 1927 and today, the beauty and care of the grounds is seen at every turn. The aqua blue waters will call you in for a dip and the hot springs is just simply a place that over time will call you back, time and time again. Just walking the footpaths and Japanese inspired bridges you can easily see the natural elements of such a great resort. A haven for health bath seekers, a resort was already built consisting of three pools and guesthouses.

Abiera Farms in Palkan

Abiera Farms Palkan South Cotabato Province Orchids Flowers Wildlife Location Plantation History Info Discovery Pictures Tour Abiera Farms is located in Palkan, South Cotabato province. 20 minutes away from the city, the Abiera Farms feature different varieties of orchids and flowers endemic to the region.

Salkak Caves in Landan Polomolok South Cotabato

Salkak Cave Landan Polomolok South Cotabato Cavern Stalactite Tour Sinkkhole Stalagmite Hiking Location Underground River WaterThe Salkak Caves are located in Landan, Polomolok, South Cotabato. The 300+ meter long, multi-chambered Salkak Cave can be explored in two hours, with some narrow squeezes but no major pits or climbs and requiring no technical equipment. It has stalactites, stalagmites and other crystalline formations illuminated by sinkholes above the ground and ends in an underground river. To get there, take a tricycle from the town to Brgy. Landan where you can secure guides with lamps. The cave is a one-hour hike from the barangay. It is accessible via a 4×4 vehicle or an hour hike from the barangay of Landan (JOP: est. 32 Km from General Santos City).

South Cotabato Community Museum in Koronadal

South Cotabato Community Museum KoronadalFind a showcase of the province’s historical relics in the South Cotabato Community Museum in Koronadal City. This humble space houses items such as metal wares from indigenous groups and technological artifacts from the early 1900s. There are even a few interesting pieces from famous historical figures such as a pair of boots owned by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, the first Philippine president, and a stone carving made by national hero Jose Rizal. The South Cotabato Community Museum and Rosario “Chat” B. Tantoco Memorial Hall Continue reading

Seven Falls Zipline in Lake Sebu

Seven Falls Zipline Lake Sebu South CotabatoDare to ride the gravity-defying extreme eco-adventure that is the Seven Falls Zipline experience with inspiring views of Lake Sebu’s picturesque waterfalls. A popular attraction in South Cotabato and one of the highest ziplines in South East Asia at 180 meters (600ft) high, has 740 meters (40 seconds travel) as its first leg and 420 meters (20 seconds travel) as its second leg. One will experience the spectacular view of four of the seven waterfalls canopy, snaking river system and lush forest of Lake Sebu while zipping through the lines. Then entrance fee to Seven Falls is P25 per person, and you will have to hike a short distance down to get to the Zipline. Zipline costs P300 per person on weekdays and P350 on weekends and holidays.

Siok Falls in Koronadal

Siok Falls Koronadal South CotabatoDubbed as Koronadal’s hidden treasure Siok Falls is located 11 kilometers away from the city center and along the Roxas Mountain Range. The largest waterfall in Koronadal City, nature enthusiasts looking for river trekking adventure will definitely find Siok Falls to be a great eco-adventure destination in South Cotabato. At a height of of 40 feet, Siok Falls showcases sight-seeing opportunities with nature at its best. The trek to Siok Falls starts with a 15-minute easy walk across rice paddies, small brooks and established foot paths.

Durian Garden in Polomolok

Durian Garden PolomolokSuccessfully merging tourism, agri-business and biodiversity is the Durian Garden in the town of Polomolok. The expansive garden has seven varieties of durian trees, a wide assortment of ornamental plants, some of which are endemic to the Philippines, a butterfly garden,the first of its kind in the province, that maintains seven species of butterflies, and a mini zoo.The zoo is another unique attraction that features exotic birds such as peacock, ostrich, cassowary, parakeet and a couple of talking mynas. The best part of the garden, however, is the organically grown durian. The fruits are fully ripened on the tree before they are harvested, yielding sweet, full-flavored durian.  Continue reading

Linan Forest Park

Philippine TarsierLiving on the eastern side of South Cotabato are communities of the indigenous group, the B’laan, who are, likewise, guardians of another treasure: the tarsier. Known in the B’laan vernacular as Mal, this smallest of primates was first reported to be seen in the forests of Mt. Matutum, South Cotabato’s hightest peak, back in 2007. Since then, documenting the tarsier population has been ongoing but early estimates say it could be bigger than the tarsier population in the island of Bohol, where the primate is an icon. In one village in South Cotabato alone, 19 tarsier habitats have been identified so far. Tarsiers are territorial creatures so there are usually only a couple of them living in one habitat. Specifically, the Tarsiers can be found in Barangay Linan, Tupi Continue reading