The Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center

Sorsogon Museum Heritage Center City Location Provincial Hospital Compound Galleries Posters Tourism Pottery Photographs Donsol Whale Shark Backbone Exhibit Display Collection Office Hours Rizal Info The Sorsogon Museum and Heritage Center is located in Sorsogon City in Sorsogon Province. The Sorsogon Museum is located in the old provincial hospital compound. The museum has 3 galleries located in different rooms. One gallery contains posters of each of the towns in the province, and what they are to offer. There are also pottery, photographs, and even a model of a Donsol Whale Shark in the museum. The shark’s 10-meter backbone is considered the focal piece. The Sorsogon Heritage Center is located on Rizal Street. Their telephone contact number is (056) 211-1573. Continue reading