The Kolibugan Culture

SioconThe Kolibugan resulted from the intermingling of the indigenous Subanon populations with the Muslim populations in the coastal areas of Zamboanga. The population is concentrated along the western side of the provinces of both northern (6,495) and southern Zamboanga (3,270), and a national count of over 11,000. The concentrations are in Siocon (2,040), Sirawai (1,960), and Sibuco (1,520) (NSO 1980). The total population count is estimated at 32,227 (NM 1994). The Kolibugan Subanon inhabit the Zamboanga Peninsula, southern Zamboanga del Norte, and some parts of Zamboanga del Sur. Their language is similar to that of the Western Subanon but with some grammatical differences. Continue reading