Simizu Island in El Nido Palawan

Simizu Island El Nido Palawan Beach Limestone Rock Formation Miniloc Inatula Surf Snorkeling Tour Shimizu TurtlesSimizu Island of El Nido, Palawan is located between Miniloc Island on the north and Inatula Island on the south. The Island is popular for snorkeling, feeding small fishes and a picnic by the beach. The small beach is surrounded by towering limestone rock formations that add to the impressive and amazing experience on the island. Jagged cliffs look imposing and kind of scary, like some place in the movies where sea monsters dwell. There aren’t any sea monsters in the area although the island has a grim past. Once a Japanese diver by name of Simizu was diving in the underwater tunnel beneath the island. Exactly how it happened remains a mystery, but Simizu lost his life on that fateful day. Although it happened a long time ago, the island was named after him and the underwater tunnel is still off limits for visitors. Continue reading