The Seaweed Festival in Bongao

Seaweed Festival Bongao Tawi Tawi Location Agal Agal Celebration Harvest Carrageen Calendar Date Week September Costume Culture Tradition Street Dancing Parade Trade Fair Regatta Night Beauty Pageant The Seaweed Festival is held annually in Bongao in Tawi-Tawi Province. Also known as the Agal-Agal Festival, it is a thanksgiving fest festivity to celebrate the success of the local harvest. Agal-Agal means carrageen seaweed. The Seaweed Festival is similar to the Meguyaya festival. This week-long festivity is celebrated every fourth week of September showcasing the region’s economic potentials, culture, costumes and tradition; with like activities such as; streetDancing Parade and field demonstration; Trade fair, Regatta; Cultural Night Presentation; Beauty Pageant;Environment Protection and Conservation Forum; and to capped with is the conduct of business matching with ASEAN countries. Continue reading