Nopol Hills in General Santos City

Nopol Hills Mabuhay General Santos City Mindanao Sarangani Bay South Cotabato Leyson Cattle Ranch Location View Nopol Hills is General Santos City‘s highest camping ground in elevation and gives a good panoramic view of Sarangani Bay and its neighboring towns. Located in Mabuhay, it is 45 minutes away from General Santos City. Nopol Hills is the only land area in the City with 200 hectares or more of tropical forest and animals especially warty pigs. It is a good place for camping and viewing the city at night time. The place also offers scenic view of the City. South Cotabato, Sarangani Province and Sarangani Bay. The commute to Nopol Hills is via unpaved roads to Leyson Cattle Ranch.


The Sangil Culture

Sangihe IslandThe Sangil (Sangir, Sangihe, Sangu, Marore, Sangirezen, Talaoerezen) are the people who live in the Sangihe and Talaud island group, and in the southern coast of Mindanao about Sarangani Bay. The population is concentrated in Balut and Sarangani islands (2,085) off Mindanao, and Jose Abad Santos (685) in the province of Davao del Sur where there are a total of 4,322 (NSO 1980). The national population is some 10,344 (NM 1994). They speak a language with Indonesian affinities. Islamic in influence, much of the indigenous culture has changed and been absorbed into the coastal societies, especially into the Kalagan group. The culture is associated with lowland and coastal adaptations with Continue reading

Sarangani Bay Festival

Sarangani Bay FestivalThe Sarangani Bay Festival or SarBayFest is a two-day annual event conducted by the province of Sarangani to showcase its huge tourism potentials and draw focus on preserving the eco-system of Sarangani Bay. This festival is held at the white beaches and turquoise blue waters of Sarangani Bay, Sarangani Province. At least fifty vendors selling everything from food, drinks, souvenirs, beach attire, etc will occupy a certain portion of the main venue. Portalets and public restrooms will be available for revelers and festival goers for a minimal fee. One of the most anticipated events of SarBay Fest is the Swim-Across-the-Bay Challenge, where 10 teams will compete to swim the fastest along the 15-kilometer route from Tinoto, Maasim Municipality to Reycon Beach in Tango, Glan Municipality. That should make it the longest open ocean Continue reading

Sarangani Bay

Sarangani BaySarangani Bay is a bay located on the southern tip of Mindanao in the Philippines. Love the beach and sunsets? A stroll on powdery white sand shorelines or perhaps a swim in the crystal clear waters in Glan is perfect for tourists to experience the famed Sarangani Sunset (an explosion of colors in the sky highlighted by a perfectly-shaped setting sun). The popular Gumasa Cove is the venue of the biggest beach festival in the Philippines, the Sarangani Bay Festival, which is held in the month of May every year. Sarangani Bay opens up to the Celebes Sea on the Pacific Ocean. General Santos City, one of the Philippines most important cities and ports, is located on the bay, making the bay one of the busiest and often the sight of shipping accidents. Continue reading

Sarangani Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Sarangani Bay Scuba Diving SkydivingA sense of discovery overwhelms one when approaching the eastern municipalities of Alabel, Malapatan and Glan, which face the tranquil waters of Sarangani Bay. These towns have beaches wonderfully preserved by protective coves, and shipwreck diving sites dating back to Spanish times. The bay is more popularly known to be the home of the Sarangani Bay bangus (milkfish). Turn over another stone and one will find that the bay is also home to simple village folk who have lived their lives carving and painting their dreams in the boats they build.

For those who would want to experience scuba diving, Continue reading