Baras Bird Sanctuary in Tacurong

Baras Bird Sanctuary In Tacurong City Sultan Kudarat Banga River Reserve Forest Egret Heron Photography Liguasan Baras Bird Sanctuary is the most visited tourist site in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat. Located by the Banga River, the sanctuary is a two-hectare patch of riverside forest home to over 20,000 egrets and herons. Unlike other bird sanctuaries, its avian residents are easy to observe and photograph, as flocks of them roost as close as 20 to 30 meters away from the walkway. The birds hunt for food, particularly fishes, in Liguasan marsh, Lake Buluan and Lake Sebu. Liguasan and Lake Buluan straddle part of North Cotabato and Maguindanao while Lake Sebu is in South Cotabato. The birds were also monitored as hunting food in the remote coastal town of Lebak in Sultan Kudarat. The best time to witness the birds in massive flight are early morning and just before sunset. Only 10-15 visitors are allowed to tour at any given time. The Sanctuary Continue reading

Gosoon Fish Sanctuary in Carmen

Gosoon Fish Sanctuary Carmen Agusan del NorteThe Gosoon Fish Sanctuary is a favorite destination of skin divers. Located in Carmen, Agusan del Norte, its well-protected coral reefs are becoming an attractive shelter for various marine life including several exotic tropical fish. The sanctuary is only 100 meters away from the main road. The sanctuary was established in 2000 with a total land area of 10 hectares. 800 seedlings of mangrove were planted along the seacoast. But because of unavoidable circumstances only very few are alive. As of now, different species of marine life can be seen in this area like Lapu-lapu and Danggit. Corals and other seaweeds can be seen scattered on its sea floor. First hand physical examination of the Gosoon Fish Sanctuary reveals a well protected and healthy growing formation of corals reefs which Continue reading

Tabuk Marine Sanctuary in Palompon

Tabuk Marine Sanctuary PalomponTabuk Island is a mangrove sanctuary protected by the municipality of Palompon, in Leyte Province. The 3-storey watch-tower in Tabuk Island is perfect for viewing the mangrove forest, and the adjacent main town of Palompon. It is also perfect for catching the colourful sunsets. A boardwalk through the mangrove forest takes you to see numerous fishes swimming freely. Wild ducks and migratory birds make this spot a stopover in their journey. On the other side of the mangrove is thousands of sleeping giant bats hanging upside down on trees. There are also picnic cottages next to the sea for swimming.

Lanuza Marine Park & Sanctuary

Lanuza Marine Park SanctuaryThe Lanuza Marine Park & Sanctuary is located in Sitio Cagmino, Barangay Sibahay, 9 kilometers away from the town proper. This 111 hectare Marine Protected Area has been made as a habitat to different aquatic species. Along that guard house is the famous Sanctuary Café which stores hot and cold concoctions and native food of the town. One can enjoy their stay at this community-based project which exudes fresh air and verdant canopies that commensurate to its tranquil environment.