Bonchon Chicken at the Greenhills Promenade

Bonchon Chicken Big BoxThe Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Greenhills is located inside the Greenhills Promenade shopping center in San Juan City. Bonchon Chicken is a Korean franchise chain quickly expanding its locations in the Philippines. Since its restaurant opened, diners have been waiting to get a taste of Bonchon’s crispy and tasty drumsticks and chicken wings. Their chicken can be described as super crunchy yet light and not oily, with hot moist juicy meat and sauced the Bonchon way.

The secret to cooking crunchy Korean style chicken is the double-frying approach, in which the first fry gets rid of the chicken fat giving it a crispier, and the second fry includes Bonchon’s special soy garlic sauce or their spicy seasoning for the unique flavor. Continue reading

The Botolan Wildlife Farm in Zambales

Botolan Wildlife Farm San Juan Botolan Zambales Animal Sanctuary Zoller Family Quarantine Station Size Meters Location Exhibit Collection Restaurant Barbecue Conservation Reserve Entrance Fee Info The Botolan Wildlife Farm is located in San Juan, Botolan, in Zambales Province. It is a family-run wildlife sanctuary, all funded and maintained by the Zoller family. It is also a national quarantine station for animals in the province of Zambales. The farm covers an area of 55,000.00 square meters and is home to a variety of exotic animals and plants from all over the world. The Botolan Wildlife Farm is a great place to discover and appreciate diverse and unusual creatures. Birds include: The Grey Cockatiel, Barhminy Kite, Eastern Grass Owl, Victoria Crowned Pigeons, Cattle Egret, Guinea Fowl, etc. Mammals include: Continue reading

Club Filipino in San Juan Manila

Club Filipino San Juan Manila Social Recreation Facility North Greenhills Location Venue Swimming Pool Tennis Court Club Filipino in located in San Juan in metro Manila and is an exclusive members-only social club and recreational facility. Located between North Greenhills subdivision and the Greenhills Shopping Center, Club Filipino was established in 1898 as an elite Filipino country gentlemen’s organization. The club has developed a reputation for being a meeting ground for Filipino political progressives throughout its history. “Club” is pronounced “Cloob” in the Spanish fashion. Today the club’s amenities include a swimming pool, tennis, badminton and squash courts, bowling alleys, outdoor restaurant, salon, and “Kalayaan Hall,” an indoor events/reception room. It was at this location where President Corazon C. Aquino was sworn in as President of the Republic of the Philippines by the late Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee after the famous EDSA Revolution in 1986. Continue reading

Spirit of 1896 Monument in San Juan

Spirit of 1896 Monument San Juan Manila Pinaglabanan Shrine Filipino Revolution Katipunero Placard Landmark Pilipino The Spirit of 1896 Monument is located in San Juan, Manila, and was put up in honor of the courage, determination and willingness to sacrifice of the Filipino revolutionaries who fought for freedom from Spanish oppression. Constructed in 1920 through the contribution of the local government, civic-spirited citizens and school children of San Juan. The monument immortalizes the courage and patriotism of the Katipuneros who sparked the Revolution against Spain in 1896. The Spirit of 1896 monument is located along N. Domingo Street and you’ll have to climb the stairs to see it up close. It should not be confused with the Pinaglabanan Shrine located beside the new city hall. Continue reading

Greenhills Shopping Center in San Juan

Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan Manila Location Shops Factory Outlet Center Hours Operation Pictures Restaurants VendorsThe Greenhills Shopping Center is a mid-to-upscale bargain shopping center catering to all social classes who are looking for cheap thrills with stylish branding. Located in San Juan, Manila, this shopping center has thousand of stores and stalls. The shopping arcades are usually crowded every Christmas as young and old people troop to Greenhills not only to buy gifts and giveaways but also to witness the lifesize mannequin show known as the “Christmas on Display”. Tourists and foreign visitors are also brought here to shop for cheap versions of branded items as well as Filipiniana souvenirs. Greenhills Shopping Center is the Philippines’ premier shopping, entertainment, and dining destination – with over 2,000 stores in a unique indoor/outdoor environment. Located just 20 minutes from Ninoy Aquino International airport, and minutes away from most hotels, Greenhills Continue reading

San Juan City in Manila

Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan City Manila Factory Outlet Mall Shops Clothing Jewelry Location Hours InfoSan Juan City is a historic citiy right in the heart of Metro Manila. It is geographically small but very big in terms of cultural significance, social prominence, economic progress and tourism potentials.  San Juan is located at the very core of the metropolis. It only has a land area of 5.94 square kilometers, which accounts for a less than one percent of the total land area of National Capital Region, the urban center of the country. Its size has become an advantage because it is easier to manage and govern. Among the many interesting places in San Juan are the Pinaglabanan Shrine, which marks the 1897 battle of the Philippine Revolution, and the Greenhills Shopping Center, a popular bargain mall for consumer electronics, clothing and other merchandise. The city also has several notable places of Continue reading

Church of San Juan del Monte in San Juan

Sanctuario Del Santo Cristo Church San Juan Monte Manila Dominican Province Location History Schedule Pictures CalendarThe Sanctuario Del Santo Cristo in San Juan was built in 1602-1604 by the Dominican Province of the most holy rosary on a site donated by Capitan Julian De Cuenca. Both buildings were burned during the Chinese uprising of 1639. The new church and convent constructed in 1641, were set on fire in July 1763 during the British occupation of Manila. The present church and convent, also known as the Church of San Juan Del Monte, was constructed in 1774, were used by the Katipuneros insurgent forces of the revolution of 1898. This sanctuary is the seat of the Cofraternity of Santisimo Cristo De San Juan Del Monte approved by the Pope Innocent X on March 4, 1648.

Bugwas Festival in San Juan

Bugwas Festival SiquijorThe Bugwas Festival is held every August in San Juan, Siquijor Province. The festival is held on the last week of August every year. The Bugwas Festival is San Juan’s way of celebrating a bountiful and abundant harvest in honor of their patron saint, St. Augustin of Hippo. Bugwas means a spurt of water coming from an underground source, which flows freely in the open ground. Since San Juan is blessed with abundant spring waters, these waters give the farmers bountiful harvest, the fisher folk with an abundant catch and making and making the life of the people of San Juan happier and fruitful because of a good and bountiful harvest each year.


Hugon Beach in San Juan

San Juan BatangasHugon Beach is located in the San Juan, Batangas, and offers more than one kilometer of white sand and soft-rock ocean floor. Swimmers and visitors wading in the water should be aware of a sudden drop-off located about ten meters from the beach. This beach is a great site for snorkeling. Hugon Beach is about 24 km from San Juan proper and is accessible by boat. The ride takes about three to five hours. Continue reading

Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine in Manila

Luminance HDR 2.3.0 tonemapping parameters: Operator: Fattal Parameters: Alpha: 1 Beta: 0.9 Color Saturation: 1  Noise Reduction: 0  ------ PreGamma: 1The five-hectare Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine is sprawled along an underground reservoir built in 1880, later on used as an arsenal by the Americans during the Filipino-American War.  The shrine was the site of battles during the Filipino independence revolution of the late 19th century. Continue reading