The Islanders Castle in San Jose

Islanders Castle San Jose Dinagat Mansion Residence Owner Governor Glenda Ecleo Location Size History Construction House Hill Barangay Visit Tour Guide Corruption Politics Layout Map Driveway Islanders Castle is located in San Jose in the Dinagat Islands Province. Islanders Castle sits on the top of the hills of San Jose. It is a mansion privately owned by Governor Glenda Ecleo. It is not open to the general public but they allow tourists to take pictures outside the gates of the Castle. Continue reading

The Monastery of the Transfiguration in Malaybalay

Monastery Transfiguration San Jose Malaybalay Bukidnon Chapel Leandro Locsin National Artist Architecture Building Design Refuge Retreat Rental Price Lodging Hotel Meal Breakfast Lunch Visit Location The Monastery of the Transfiguration is located in San Jose, Malaybalay in Bukidnon Province. The Monastery of the Transfiguration is a modern chapel, which was designed by the late Leandro Locsin, National Artist for Architecture. It is one of his best architectural designs before he passed away. It has a distinct Mpyramid-shaped church sitting in a hill overlooking the greenery. The Monastery is a favorite place of refuge for people who want to go on a retreat. Staying at the monastery is also popular among visitors on retreat. For those who wish to stay at the monastery for retreat, it will only cost P800 for overnight stay, but it already comes with complete meals. From the highway, it takes around 5 kilometers to go to the Monastery, which is about 10 minutes travel time. Continue reading

Luna Mangroves of the Dinagat Islands

Luna Mangrove Reserve Area San Jose Dinagat Islands Forest Size Area Kilometers Port Trekking Province Boat Rental Tour Guide Vegetation Fishing Swimming Products History Description Info Depth Size The Luna Mangrove Reserve Area is located in San Jose, Dinagat Islands. The Luna Mangrove Reserve Area is a vast mangrove forest 2 1/2 kilometers from the port of San Jose. This is the nearest mangrove trekking area of the province and one of the sources for aquamarine products. Continue reading

Stingray Islet in the Dinagat Islands

Stingray Islet San Jose Dinagat Islands shape rock formation tour guide location beach canoe boat rental yawe pawikan turtle pagi sand history discovery transport hiking snorkeling scuba diving info Stingray Islet is located in San Jose, in Dinagat. An aerial observation of the island shows the stingray shap of the rock formation jutting from the water. This cute islet is one of the natural wave breakers of San Jose. Stingray Islet can be reached through canoeing or boat ride in five to ten minutes. There are some local version of this islet’s name: “yawe” key, “pawikan” turtle, and “pagi” stingray. Continue reading

Freedom Park in San Jose City

Freedom Park San Jose City Nueva Ecija Province Capitol Filipino Revolutionary Spanish Occuption Picnic Venue Meeting Location History Distance Pictures Landscaping Construction Meetup Architecture Freedom Park in Nueva Ecija is located in front of the former provincial capitol, San Jose. Freedom Park was aptly named in recognition of the province’s glorious past and its contribution to the country’s quest for freedom and democracy during the last world war. Filipino revolutionaries during the Spanish occupation considered Nueva Ecija a strategic site in their struggle against the enemies in view of its central geographic position in the region. The park is a favorite spot for picnickers and bystanders. Continue reading

Whitewater Kayaking on the Bulsa River

Whitewater Kayaking Bulsa River Maamot San Jose Tarlac Paddle Kayak Extreme Sports Water Safety Equipment Rental Rapid Stream Ecotours Office Reservation Tickets Paddling Duration Surfing Cliff Whitewater Kayaking is a new extreme sport at the rapids of the Bulsa River in San Jose, Tarlac. Explore the breathtaking landscapes of San Jose, Tarlac while having the adventure of a lifetime in an inflatable kayak. As you paddle down the incredible rivers, you will be immersed in nature, surrounded by mountains, and face to face with wildlife. Class 1 & 2 rapids the whole family will enjoy. The rapids are generally smooth and gentle to moderately quick, and the passages between rocks are clear and open. The activity is organized from Rapid Stream Ecotours, the sole proprietor of kayaking trips in the region. The paddling begins in the mountain village of Maamot, where the body of water originates and traverses through the landscapes of San Jose and its rural scenes. The next few hours in the water the pace Continue reading

Suppon Falls in Koronadal

Suppon Falls San Jose Koronadal City South Cotabato Waterfalls Location Height River Water Length Barangay Mountain Suppon Falls is located in barangay San Jose in Koronadal City of South Cotabato province. The Suppon Waterfalls is a 20-ft high bulk of cascading water. It takes one-hour hiking from the base of the mountain to reach the falls.

Continue reading

EBJ Freedom Park in San Jose Antique

EBJ Freedom Park San Jose Antique Provincial Capitol Building Buenavista Plaza Governor Evelio Javier Monument Location The EBJ Freedom Park is located in San Jose, Antique, in front of the Antique Provincial Capitol building. The park used to be known as the San Jose de Buenavista Plaza but was renamed EBJ Freedom Park in honor of the late governor Evelio B. Javier. Governor Javier was assassinated on February 11, 1986 while defending freedom and democracy from the forces of martial law. At the park is the EBJ Monument, a bronze statue of Evelio Javier with his left hand waving a peace sign created by the National Artist Napoleon Abueva. Continue reading

Diamond Park in Nueva Ecija

Diamond Park San Jose City Nueva Ecija Cagayan Valley Tayabo Nature Forest Reserve Wildlife Tourism Location Diamond Park, also known as Tayabo Nature Park, is located in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija in the Cagayan Valley. Strategically located at the gateway to the Cagayan Valley, Diamond Park is a favorite haven for picnickers and nature lovers. It features an unspoiled forest and a host of wildlife species. Upon reaching the top of its 100-step stairway, one is awed by a pagoda on a hilltop offering a panoramic view of northern part of Nueva Ecija. The Department of Tourism took part in the restoration and renovation of the forest park. Continue reading

Telegrafo Hill Boundary in Antique

Telegrafo Hill Boundary Antique Province Visayas Iloilo San Jose View Japanese Stronghold Hiking Horseback Riding Visayas Telegrafo Hill Boundary is located in Antique Province. Often mentioned as a haunted place in the Visayas, Telegrafo Hill was a stronghold of the Japanese during World War II. The place is ideal for hiking and horseback riding. Many ghosts and evil creatures are said to lurk in the shadows. Straddling the Iloilo-Antique boundary, it commands a view of San Jose, Antique.