Calvario Hill in Iriga City

Calvario Hill San Francisco Iriga City Camarines Sur Bicol Emerald Grotto Lady Lourdes Asuang Location History Elevation Pagtanggal Iriga Folklore Passion Christ Ermita Mission Chapel Location Info Calvario Hill is located in San Francisco, Iriga City in Camarines Sur Province. Calvario Hill is the site of Bicol‘s magnificent Emerald Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes. The Hill has been touted as being the habitat of the Asuang (witch), which is why the hill has been referred to as the “orno” or “oven”. As the result of the angelization of the area the hill became the site for staging “Pagtanggal”, the Iriga folk version of the re-enactment of the Passion of Christ, hence, the name “Calvario Hill”. The first “ermita” or mission chapel of Iriga during Spanish times was erected here as evidenced by religious artifacts unearthened in the site. Opposite the Ermita the Casino Espanol was erected, a favorite converging are for Spanish rulers. When the Americans came at the turn of the century, this was converted into a base for its cavalry forces. During the Continue reading

Mount Magdiwata in Agusan del Sur

Mount Magdiwata San Francisco Agusan del Sur Mountain Range Agusan Valley Compostela Valley Province Elevation Location Mount Magdiwata is located in San Francisco, Agusan del Sur province and its mountain ranges span the Agusan Valley up to Compostela Valley in Compostela province. Mount Magdiwata rises 633 meters above sea level. Nature lovers, adventurers and Mountain enthusiast alike will certainly love Mt. Magdiwata. A lushfull virgin forest, with 14 series of water falls one can enjoy after another, the beautiful and endemic flora & fauna, the natural swimming holes and cold springs and also the biggest Bagrass tree can be found only here. . At almost sunset, Mt. Magdiwata has the semblance of a pregnant woman and during midnight looks like a crocodile eager to catch a prey. Mt. Magdiwata is sacred among the Manobo Tribes due to its legend and belief that the soul of Giant Magdiwata might punish those who cause destruction to its natural resources. The Continue reading

San Francisco Church in Naga

San Francisco Church Naga Camarines Sur The San Francisco Church in Naga City was constructed in the 17th century. Located on the riverbank of Naga River, which cuts through the city, this church’s infirmary and basement served as interrogation and torture halls of Filipinos who were arrested during the peak of the Filipino-Spanish War in 1898. For the colonial masters, the Church was used as a fortress refuging 500 people during the attacks of Filipino revolutionaries Elias Angeles and Felix Plazo in September 1898. Accepting defeat to the Angeles-Plazo forces, it is in this church’s citadels that then Civil Governor of Camarines drafted his letter of surrender consequently offering the Province of Ambos Camarines to the Filipinos. The church grounds is also rumored to have once housed the oldest hospital in Southeast Asia. The San Francisco Church is located along Penafrancia Street. It can be reached by Foot depending on where you are. Continue reading

The Camotes Islands, Cebu

Camotes IslandsLegend has it that Spaniards who arrived here came upon some natives farming. When asked what the island’s name was, the natives replied “camotes” (sweet potatoes), thinking they were being asked what they were harvesting. This is just one of the charming things about the Camotes Islands.

The Camotes Islands are made up of the islands of Pacjian, Ponson, Poro and Tulang. Collectively, they are called “The Lost Horizon in the South” because of their unspoiled beauty. Continue reading