The City Forest and Marble Park in Calbayog

City Forest Marble Park Malopalo Calbayog Samar View National Highway Natural Wonder Mountain Climber Barangay Cave Chambers Hiking Trail Trekking Formation Rock Trees River Location Tour Guide InfoThe City Forest and Marble Park are located in Malopalo, in Calbayog City, Samar. Best viewed from the national highway, this natural wonder is a mountain climber’s delight. Located in Barangay Malopalo, one can safely refer to it a forest within one’s reach. A good number of cave chambers have been found beneath the forest cover and its content intact. One of the most recognizable features of this park is the marble formation and trees which hover over the green-colored Malajog river. Continue reading

Hibatang River in Calbayog

Hibatang River Calbayog Samar History Settlement Natives Jibatang Water Current Swimming Depth Length Fishing Settlers Hiking Trail Boat Tour Guide Rental Resort Population Trade Description Flood The Hibatang River is the biggest and longest navigable river in Calbayog, Samar. Local history buffs fondly refer to it as the river from where the Calbayog settlement grew. As early as 1739 the earliest settlers resided along the banks of the Hibatang River (sometimes referred to as the Jibatang). A food forced settlers to move from this location and into the location that is now called Calbayog. Continue reading

The Nijaga Park in Calbayog

Nijaga Park Calbayog Samar Town Shows Location Venue Meeting Jose Rizal Benedicto Trece Martires Bagumbayan Acacia Tree Amphitheater Stage Walkway Theater Performance Schedule Calendar History Rally The Nijaga Park is the largest park of Calbayog City, Samar, where town shows are held. Nijaga Park is probably the only park in the country which honors two heroes, Dr. Jose Rizal and Calbayog’s local hero, Benedicto Nijaga who was one of the “Trece Martires De Bagumbayan”. Nijaga Park park is characterized by the old Acacia trees and the amphitheater with stage constructed to theater standards. The area has hosted performances by artists both of local and national caliber. The place was made historic by various political rallies of Calbayognons and national figures running of various positions, as well as programs attended by officials like President Fidel Ramos and Vice President Teofisto Guingona, among others. The latest additions to the park are the replicas of the Bangon Falls and the Tabukno Falls. Continue reading

Sacred Heart Plaza in Calbayog

Julio Cardinal Rosales Plaza Sacred Heart Calbayog City Samar Diocese Government Spanish Complex Peter Paul Cathedral Location Roman Catholic Church History Construction Layout Map Display Pictures The Sacred Heart Plaza, officially known as the Julio Cardinal Rosales Plaza, is located in Calbayog city, Samar. This is located on a lot owned by both Diocese of Calbayog and the City Government of Calbayog. This is part of the ancient Spanish Plaza complex. If one is to take a close look, around the plaza are the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Spanish Building (at Pilot School), the City Hall and some old houses. The plaza pays homage to one of the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines who happens to be a son of Calbayog, Julio Cardinal Rosales. Continue reading

Handumanan Museo de Calbayog

Handumanan Museo Calbayog Building Spanish Structure Quarters Government Samar Office Barracks Japanese Imperial Army City High School Jail Construction History Renovation Bricks Tourism Information The Handumanan Museo de Calbayog is located in Calbayog in Samar Province. Located near the Cathedral, this structure is acknowledged by some quarters as the first government structure built by the Spaniards in the Samar region. It has served various purposes since the late 1800s, from a site of Spanish government offices, to barracks of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War 2, as the Calbayog City High School and more recently, as the Calbayog City Jail. Though it has undergone some drastic renovations, the original coral stones and bricks remain intact. The structure has been renovated into a two-storey 19th century Filipino architecture. Today, it serves as the Calbayog City Tourism and Information Office and the Calbayog Museum. The Handumanan Museo de Calbayog is located on Avelino Street in Calbayog City, besides the City Plaza and Cathedral. Continue reading

Bishop’s House in Calbayog

Bishops House Calbayog City Samar Residence Local Ordinaries Diocese Catholic Location Avelino Street Telephone Contact Priest House Address History Construction Mission Purpose Hours Visit Map Info Bishop’s House in Calbayog was built in the early 1900s and serves as the official residence of the Local Ordinaries of the Diocese of Calbayog since its creation in 1910. The Bishop’s House is located on JD Avelino Street in Calbayog City, Samar. Their telephone contact number is +63 55-209-1372. Continue reading

The Mawacat Slide in Calbayog

Mawacat Slide Falls Calbayog City Samar Waterfalls Oquendo Hiking Trail Location Water Swimming Elevation Incline Degrees Size Meters Pictures Pool Basin Camping Depth Tour Guide History Description The Mawacat Rock Slide is located one hour away from Calbayog City, Samar, and is in Barangay Mawacat, in the Oquendo district. Mawacat is a 20-minute walk along a foot trail, shaded by lined tall trees. It is a natural spoon-like formation, which inclined more or less by about 45 degrees and stretching a length of about 50 meters. Water flows along this giant cistern and from the top, one can slide through the mossy lane to the cool inviting pool below. Continue reading

Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral in Calbayog

Saints Peter Paul Cathedral Calbayog City Samar Church Parish Construction Building Renovation Repair Location History Structure Architecture Schedule Mass Calendar Priest Wedding Distance Pulpit The Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is located in Calbayog City in Samar Province. This is the most recognizable structure for all Calbayognons. Located at the heart of Calbayog City, the Sts. Peter & Paul Cathedral (built in the 1850s; dedicated 1915) is considered as the biggest church (building) in Samar. Various renovations/repairs have stripped off some original features like the ornate chandeliers, the dormers, the frescoed ceiling and the pulpit. The present structure is a confluence of various architectural styles. But the Spanish influence is still exuded by the cruciform ground plan, the dome, the black and white tiles and especially the gold-leafed retablo with its intricate carvings and Antique images of saints. Continue reading

Spanish Plaza Complex in Calbayog

Spanish Plaza Complex Calbayog City Samar History Construction Spain Colonial Building Pilot Central School Age Classrooms Architecture Period Repair Renovation Map Story Hours Contact Pictures Info The Spanish Plaza Complex, located in the vicinity of the Calbayog Cathedral, is located in Calbayog City, Samar, and dates back to the Spanish period. This Spanish building after the Handumanan Building, is probably the only other building which has been continually utilized since the Spanish period. It contains classrooms for the pupils of the Calbayog Pilot Central School. Continue reading

Danao Cave in Calbayog

Danao Cave Calbayog City Tinambacan District Location Entrance Cavern Depth Discovery History Tour Guide Chamber Wildlife Size Hiking Trail Snake Bat Description Distance Guano Bat Pictures Trekking The Danao Cave is located 14 kilometers away from Calbayog City in Samar Province. Danao. Located in the Tinambacan district, the Danao Cave features at least seven chambers inhabited by various species of snakes and bats, which explains the preference of good deposits of guano. Old tales claimed that this is the place for those who would like to acquire their talisman. Continue reading