The Samal Island Mariculture Park in Davao

Samal Island Mariculture Park Leydao Kaputian District Davao Del Norte Size Bureau Fisheries Aquatic Resources Southeast Asian Development Center Milkfish Farming Reserve Fishing Farm Industrial Park The Samal Island Mariculture Park is located in the waters of Samal Island in Davao del Norte Province. The Mariculture Park encompasses 224-hectares and has been conceptualized by the local government in cooperation with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources and the Souitheast Asian Development Center. The Samal Mariculture Park is ideal for milkfish farming and raising of grouper, siganid, caranx, seabass, cabia and other high -value fish in cages. The first of its kind in the Philippines, this is an industrial park on the sea. The Samal Island Mariculture Park is located in sitio Leydao, Kaputian District, in the storm sheltered Island Garden City of Samal. Continue reading

Pinnacle Point in Big Ligid Island

Pinnacle Point Big Ligid Island Samal Dive Spot Location Depth Scuba Diving Gorgonian Crinoids Butterfly Fish Water Swimming Currents Tide Report Octopus Cave Aquatic Wildlife Tour Visit Padi Info Pinnacle Point is located on Big Ligid Island in Samal. This site is located in the southeastern tip of Big Ligid. The wall has a marvelous outcropping of gorgonians, many with crinoids clinging to them, we encountered morays and an octopus hiding in a few of the many small holes, and many big eyes and cardinalfish in the larger ones. Divers will also encounter Schools of pennant butterflyfish and schools of unicorn surgeonfish, emperorfishes and jacks. Variety of corals with different colors can be found here such as pink soft corals. In the protected areas of this site, large gorgonians, black corals, lots of anthias and tubastrea, angelfish, scorpionfish, lionfish and many invertebrates can be found. Pinnancle Point is located in the northeast of Sam. The caves have beautiful and marvelous coral gardens and gorgonians. Exotic tropical fishes can be Continue reading

The Ligid Caves in Samal

Ligid Caves Samal Diving Spot Big Island Underwater Marine Life Location Coordinates Depth Scuba Dive Coral Reef Hydroid Basket Stars Drop Entrance Tropical Black Soft Sponge Crabs Tunicates Scorpion

The Ligid Caves are located in the northeast tip of Samal, on Big Ligid Island. The Ligid Caves reveals the marvelous underwater marine life. Fine golden sea cucumbers are densely littering the reef amid a rainbow of soft corals, hydroids and basket stars. The slender reef top, covered with leather corals, drops sharply at about 15m. In the caves, divers will see small tropical small reefs black corals, soft corals and sponge crabs. Outside the caves, you will encounter several marine life such as crabs, tunicates, scorpion and lionfishes, sleeping parrot and rabbit fishes, morays and razorfishes hovering vertically in a harp gorgonian. Continue reading

The Sama Culture

SamaThe Sama (AA Sama, Jama Mapun, Samal, Balangini, Balangingi, Bangingi, Pangutaran) are a highly variable group with the populations concentrated in Sulu and Tawi-Tawi (118,572) provinces. The core areas are in Siasi (15,248), Tandubas (16,706), and Sitangkai (30,328), and Pangutaran (14,382) (NSO 1990). The national population is about 319,809 (NM 1994). There are three generalized linguistic groupings: western, eastern (Pangutaran), and central. The people group themselves consistent with the dialects they speak and are identified by their home islands. With these as bases, they distinguish at least 20 subgroupings among themselves, including one, Sagaa, whose language is Continue reading

Hof Gorei Beach Resort Davao

Hof Gorei Hotel DavaoSitting on the west coast of Samal Island, it is encircled by pristine beaches and diverse natural attractions. A tropical paradise it features isolated hills which is ready to be explored. A boutique style resort, it offers beautiful rooms with traditional Filipino interior designs, and features private balcony with spectacular views. Offering a refreshing ambience, this resort is a perfect hideaway for friends, family, and couples. Hof Gorei Beach Resort is a brilliant place of stay, they also guarantee excellent hospitality. Hof Gorei Beach Resort is the first beach resort in Davao of Southern Mindanao that delivers the promise of royalty treatment by providing all guests with implacable Personalized Services-a unique concept of Continue reading

Davao Express Water Taxi

Davao Water TaxiDavao Express Water Taxis will get you to the Islands, waterfront restaurants, beach resorts or any destination within the Davao Gulf area that you desire, with comfort and ease. Their Water Taxis are capable of holding up to 14 persons (including boat captain) and are All-Weather vessels that can be either open or closed, as there are clear roll up covers to keep out the elements.

The water taxis are available to and from any part of Davao Region and Samal Island (IGACOS). The water taxis can pick up and Continue reading

Fernandez Beach & Garden Resort in Samal

Fernandez Beach Garden Resort SamalBe overwhelmed by the warm reception, affordable & comfortable accommodation, newly constructed cottages, creamy white sand of the Fernandez Beach Resort. Only 1 hour travel by bus from Sta Ana Wharf to Samal Central Warehaus Club and Bus Terminal & a 3-minute walk going to the resort. Foods & drinks in the resort are at very low price. You can also find an ‘abohan’ and a couple of grill area where you can cook anytime as you want. Close cottages are available for overnight stay. You may opt for a non-aircon room or an air-con for more relaxing and comfortable rest. The place is also ideal for seminars and conferences, wedding venues and parties. Continue reading

Chema’s By The Sea Resort in Samal

Chema's By the Sea Resort SamalLocated in a sprawling 6,000 square – meter prime lot in Samal Island replete with a picturesque, breathtaking seascape and lush, relaxing greeneries, Chema’s by the Sea is only a breezy 10 minute boat ride from the city proper. From the Davao International Airport it is only a 20 minute ride. With interiors inspired by a fusion of Balinese, Mediterranean, Filipino and Spanish influences among natural coral formations, Chema’s beckons to you as a sanctuary of leisure and pure bliss for the distinct few. Continue reading

Samal Island in Davao

Camp Holiday Resort Recreation Area SamalThe island garden city of Samal is a small island off the coast of Davao del Norte province. Situated within the coast of the Davao Gulf, take your pick from nearly 70 resorts around the island, with accommodations ranging from modest to extravagant. All offer easy access to white sand beaches and clear aquamarine waters. Continue reading

Isla Reta Beach Resort in Talikud

Isla Reta Beach ResortAn hour’s boat ride away from the city brings to you an island of peaceful and natural ambiance. Bury your feet in sun-kissed sand and let your hands lap at the pristine waters. Catch a shade under a beautiful row of Talisay trees lined up near the shore and breathe in the salty sea breeze. This is where you should be. Come to Isla Reta Beach Resort.

Isla Reta is a peaceful, lush and simple resort in Talikud Island which is a part of Samal Island. Its sand crumbly and its water are crystal clear. This Island Resort is just a 45 minute trip if you are coming from the Davao City Sta. Ana wharf. ISLA RETA Beach Resort is a unique getaway from the city’s stressful life. What is so cool with this resort is that one can bring in their own food, although one needs to pay for corkage when bringing in beverages. But for those who hate the stress of preparing the food, the resort has its own food house. Continue reading