Roxas City Bridge in Capiz

Roxas City Bridge Capiz Province Panay River Length Location Construction Venice Visayas Antonio Habana Jose Cortez The Roxas City Bridge is located in Capiz Province and connects the two islands that comprise Roxas City. This bridge, formerly known as the Capiz Bridge, overlooks the Panay River. The construction took place during terms of two governors, Antonio Habana and Jose Cortez Altavas, and during the administration of Capiz Town’s president, Pastor Alcazar (1908-1912). The country’s resident commissioner to the US House of Representatives that time was Manuel Luis M. Quezon, with the American-run Bureau of Public Works (the precursor of today’s DPWH) taking care of the construction of bridges and other public infrastructures across the country. The bridge is a silent witness of various changes that ushered in progress and development in the City. Like the old bridge, equally alluring is the huge stretch of Panay Continue reading

Olotayan Island in Roxas City Capiz

Olutayan Island Roxas City Capiz Beach Mini Boracay Sand Water Location Tour Package Guide Resort Surf Olotayan Island is a barangay island of Capiz Province. Olotayan Island is part of Roxas City. The name is a combination of olo (“head”) and “tyan” (stomach), as a Capiz legend tells of a cruel giant whose body the anitos (gods) struck with lightning, scattering his body parts all over the sea. Nearer to Roxas’ shore is Mantalinga Island – reportedly the giant’s “mata” (eyes) and “talinga” (ears). Natives of this place consider a “mini Boracay“, with its white sand and clear waters. Travel in this island with a boat, approximately an hour from wharfs of Banica, Roxas City, will bring a refreshing sight of placis atmosphere, serene shores, and white sand that may look like that of Boracay‘s. This island is truly blessed with its beautiful sceneries. Scattered pieces of corals are washed to the shore by shore waves, which makes the place very pleasing and things were made naturally by Continue reading

Mantalinga Island

Mantalinga Island Roxas City CapizMantalinga Island is located in Capiz Province and is the Landmark of Baybay Beach. In an the areal view, this is the first island you can see upon touching down at the runway of Roxas City airport. The first island you can see when you approach the Baybay Beach. It is a small island & a marine life sanctuary. Mantalinga is a kilometer away from the shores of Baybay Beach, Roxas City. Mantalinga has been identified by the Department of Tourism as an ideal spot for scuba divers and a perfect rotunda for sailboat (dilayag) and kayaking contest. Recently named “Good Luck Island” by DOT consultants, the place is believed by local fisher folks as source of luck when names of their fish boats are written on the sides of the island before it goes fishing for the first time

Sinadya sa Halaran in Roxas City

Sinadya sa HalaranSinadya sa Halaran is a merging of the Roxas City Fiesta “Sinadya” and the Province celebration of “Halaran”. “Sinadya sa Halaran” is a commemoration of the feast of the patroness of Roxas City which is the Immaculate Concepcion and a thanksgiving. It literally means “Joy in Sharing and Thanksgiving” . Rituals and festivities of every municipalities where captivated in this occasion. Fireworks, grand parade, fluvial processions, fair and food festival, street dancing, and exhibits are some of the things to see of this event.

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Olatayan Island

Olatayan IslandOlatayan Island is a 30 minute pumpboat ride from Banica wharf, Roxas City. This 53 hectares island is blessed with colorful fishes and coral reefs. Its crystal-clear water and abundant marine life is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. The island’s beach is carpeted with tiny crushed shells called cascaho. With its serene and “out of the city hassle”, this quiet little island is for couples and businessmen who wants to take a break from it all. Continue reading