The Adela River in Tuburan

Adela River Tuburan Cebu poblacion daan lungsod guiwanon san juan mantawihan spring cruise tour location length swimming boat rental fishing map layout distance kilometer depth fishing trade industry The Adela River is located in Tuburan in Cebu province. Adela River is a natural boundary that separates Poblacion and Daan Lungsod, the original town site of Tuburan. It is approximately a 3-kilometer stretch of brackish river going through lined nipa palm trees and passes by three of the many natural springs of Tuburan from the shore of Daan Lungsod namely Guiwanon, San Juan and ending at Mantawihan Spring. The Local Government Unit of Tuburan is developing a river cruise program in the area. Continue reading

The Lagatik River Cruise in New Washington

Lagatik River Cruise New Washington Aklan Boat Ride Pinamukan Andagao Bay Island Barangay Tinagong Dagat Capispisan Bakhawan Mangrove Price Schedule Tour Voyage Batan Tabon Ipil Magpagong Cabugao Info The Lagatik River Cruise lets visitors enjoy a sumptuous lunch of the town’s best seafood and fresh tropical fruits for only P500 per person while cruising the serene river fringed by lush mangroves. The Lagatik River is located just south of New Washington and connects the port of New Washington to the Sibuyan Sea. The river tour proceeds to the Pinamuk-an River, or the Andagao Bay. This is also south of Pinamuk-an, an island barangay across the town of New Washington and then on to Tinagong Dagat (if it is high tide). There will be stop-over in Capis-pisan Bakhawan islet where a rest house was constructed by the College of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of the Aklan State University. Continue reading

The Cabicungan River in Clavera

Cabicungan River Clavera Cagayan Location Ubing Point Centro Sexto Length Depth Fishing Boat Rizal Park Bridge Water Swimming Cruise Paddle Tour History Distance Size Hiking Trail Landmark Info Sports Cabicungan River is located in Clavera in the Cagayan Province. Located next to the Nagabaron River, the Cabicungan River is a major landmark and attraction in the town of Claveria. Situated between Ubing-Ubing Point and Centro Sexto, the Cabicungan River is many things to many people; It is a source of food, a means of transportation, a venue for recreation and as part of history and culture. The river is conveniently located near the Rizal Park and the Clavera Bridge. Cabicungan River will soon be the venue of paddling and cruising experiences. Continue reading

The Dagusungan River Cruise

Dagusungan River Cruise Medellin Cebu Tour Guide Boat Kayak Map Location Mangrove Kayaking Caputatan Norte Sur Route Cost Rental Safety Vest Package Fee Boating Rafting Swimming Photography Pictures The Dagusungan River Cruise in Medellin, Cebu offers tourists the opportunity to ride boats and kayaks through the Dagusungan River , which snakes through the town of Medellin. Aside from the fact that you will see a mesmerizing range of mangroves, you’ll also enjoy a kayaking trip that will take you to the 1.9-kilometer tranquil river stretch from Caputatan Norte to Caputatan Sur or the 2.8-kilometer route from Poblacion to Caputatan Norte. Buses going to Medellin are parked at the Cebu North Bus Terminal. The three-hour trip costs P130 per passenger. In the town, tourists can take a tricycle (P10 each) or hire a motorcycle (P20 each).. A bus or van can pick up guests from Cebu City. Continue reading

Postan Forest Mangrove Nature Tour

Alimango BoardwalkExplore the Postan Mangrove Forest during the day through boat rowing and kayaking, be able to identify the century-old mangrove species, observe the habitat of crabs, shrimps, other riparian species of flora and fauna as well as migratory birds.  You can also enjoy Firefly Watching along the Abatan River at night and be amazed with these winged beetles. Continue reading