Nagtipunan Town in Quirino

Nagtipunan Town Quirino Cagayan Valley Bimmapor City Location History Population Map Tourism Destination Festival Town Mayor Economy Government Barangay Plaza People Language Distance Transport Nagtipunan is located in Quirino Province and is home to virgin forests and perfect as an adventure and ecotourism destination. This Cagayan Valley town it is being developed as a gateway to Quezon Province. Also found in Nagtipunan is the famous “Bimmapor,” a rock formation which resembles a sunken ship, of which only the upper decks are protruding from the ground. Nagtipunan is located 54 kilometers from Cabarroguis. Continue reading

The Nagbukel Cave in Quirino

Nagbukel Cave Quirino Cagayan Valley Province Entrance Cavern Dome Mountain Tour Guide Holy Week Visit Length Distance Location Lamplighter Religion Diffun National Highway Kilometer Cabarroguis Info The Nagbukel Cave is located in Quirino Province. The Nagbukel Cave is located within a dome-shaped mountain in the Cagayan Valley frequented by local tourists for picnics during the Holy Week. It is currently being developed by the Lamplighter, a religious sect. Nagbukel Cave is located along the national highway at Diffun, and is four kilometers away from Cabarroguis. Continue reading

Aglipay Town in Quirino

Aglipay Town Quirino Cagayan Valley City Gregorio Priest Independent Church Population Location History Spanish Colonizers Settlement Addalam River Pensal Waterfalls Mabo Falls Resort Jeepney Bus Aglipay Town is located in Quirino Province in the Cagayan Valley. Aglipay Town is a history-laden town that got its name from Fr. Gregorio Aglipay, a priest belonging to the Philippine Independent Church who rebelled against the Spanish colonizers and settled at the banks of the town’s Addalam River. Aglipay is home to the Pensal Waterfalls and the Mabo Falls. Continue reading

Quirino Province

Quirino ProvinceQuirino Province lies in the southeastern portion of Cagayan Valley (Region II), approximately between 121° 00’ to 122° 02’ N latitude and 15° 54.8’ to 16° 38.6’ W longitude. It is situated within the Upper Cagayan River Basin bounded by Isabela on the north, Aurora on the east and southeast and Nueva Vizcaya on the west and southwest. The Sierra Madre Mountain Range provides a natural barrier on the eastern and southeastern border and Mamparang range on the western part of the province.

The province of Quirino was formally established on February 10, 1971 upon assumption to office of the first elected provincial and municipal officials Continue reading