The Pulang Lupa Shrine in Torrijos, Marinduque

Pulang Lupa Shrine Torrijos Marinduque Location Monument Battle 1900 Philippine American War Colonel Maximo Abad Devereux Shields Defeat Mountain History Landmark Memorial Description Revolution Army The Pulang Lupa Shrine is located in Torrijos in Marinduque Province. Pulang Lupa is a monument to commemorate the Battle of Pulang Lupa. The Battle of Pulang Lupa was an engagement fought on September 13, 1900, during the Philippine-American War between the forces of Colonel Maximo Abad and Devereux Shields, in which Abad’s men defeated the American force. The Pulang Lupa Shrine is built in a mountain peak, where Filipino soldiers won over the Americans during the Philippine-American War on September 13, 1900. It is called “Pulang Lupa”, which means red soil, because of the bloody fight between the two forces. The Americans lost 4 killed and 50 captured, 6 of which wounded including Shields. A large selection of American firearms were also taken by the guerillas. The Filipino losses are Continue reading

The Clark International Speedway in Pampanga

Clark International Speedway Pampanga Freeport Zone Race Track Car Drag Racing Motorcycle Length Location Map Terrain Formula Panday Pira Avenue Pulang Lupa Dolores Creek Contact Manager Event Info The Clark International Speedway is located at the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga. The facility is a race track for carting and drag racing, motorcycle racing and other special events. The Clark International Speeway, also known as CIS, is the 5th race track in the country and boasts of a 3-km engine track with two long straights and few turns with minimal defined uneven terrains, thereby making all races possible – from motorcycles, superbikes, and underbone, touring cars, drag racing and formula races. The Clark International Speedway is located on Panday Pira Avenue, Sitio Pulang Lupa, Dolores Creek, at the Clark Freeport Zone. Contact Information: Johnny Tan (President) Phone (63 2) 817-2241 / 2336 /3496 / 4988 Continue reading