Pork Estofado

Pork Estofado is a stewed pork dish served with fried plantains. This pork recipe is comparable to pork adobo but, the use of carrots and fried plantains provide distinction to this dish. Plantains or “saging na saba” help improve the flavor of a dish and adds a little sweetness to it. Continue reading


KiniingKiniing is a cured pork product made from meat obtained from locally raised native black pigs. To prepare the product, the lean parts of the meat are thinly sliced while guava leaves are first boiled in salted water. This decoction is removed from the fire, the guava leaves are removed, and the water is transferred into a container where the meat can be soaked for a few minutes. The use of guava leaves acts not only to scent the soaking water, but also creates a smell that drives away flies or other insects that might destroy the meat. It also helps to harden the meat. Continue reading

Native Black Pig of the Cordilleras

Cordillera Native Black PigThe Cordillera Native Black pig is black in color and usually weighs an average of 85 kg. It has small ears and lean meat with a thin layer of fat. The pigs are raised in a semi-wild system. Instead of keeping it in pigpen, the native pig is free roam around within a fenced area. The pigs are fed twice a day with chopped camote and gabi leaves mixed with rice bran. The breed is said to be resistant to foot and mouth disease, or at least to suffer lesser effects than other breeds.  The Native Black pig is usually slaughtered during the caňao, a celebration in which animals are offered in thanksgiving, usually for success economically. Locals say that this breed is taster than commercially imported breeds. Meat from the pig is usually preserved in one of three Continue reading

Longganisa Taal

Longganisa TaalOne Taal delicacy that people rave about is the Longanizang Taal. This tasty favorite is pork meat wrapped in pork intestine marinated to perfection in special Taaleño ingredients that make it masarap! The chunky sausage is marinated in soy sauce, garlic, sugar, and calamansi, which gives it a bit of an adobe flavor. In the public market, you can find stalls of Longaniza ready to cook. They marinate the sausage right there so its flavor is at its freshest.

Source: Taal.ph