The Minasawa Bird Sanctuary in Burdeos

Minasawa Bird Sanctuary in Burdeos QuezonThe Minasawa Bird Sanctuary is located in Burdeos on Polillo Island in Quezon Province. Polillo Island is just off the town of Jomalig but still part of Burdeos. The 4 1/2 hectare island was established as a sanctuary by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to protect the bird population in the area. The Minasawa Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary is home to five species of birds: the Nutmeg Imperial Pigeon, the Black Naped Oriole, the Rufus Night Heron, the Amusling, and the Swifts species. There are no cottages or tourist facilities on the island so it is also advisable to bring your own food, picnic mats, and even a tent if you choose to stay overnight on the island. The beach of Polillo features pebbles and small gravel rocks, a contrast from the white powdery sand found in beaches in other parts of the Philippines. Continue reading

The Polilio Coral Reef in Quezon

Polilio Coral Reef Polillo Island Quezon location beach town length kilometers resort distance snorkeling scuba diving tide surf boat ride depth swimming water sand visit tour guide cave entrance info Polilio Island is located on the northeastern side of Quezon Province. Located just before the entrance to the cave of Polillo town, Polilio Coral Reef has a length of about five kilometers and a width of about two kilometers. It is also a good spot for snorkeling and diving. Some parts are so shallow that any type of ship and banca will have to make a detour to avoid the reef area. Some parts have so-called walls which are more than a hundred feet deep. Continue reading

Bird Island in Polillo

Bird Island was first a Bird Island Polillo coral formation and subsquently became an island. The island is now a sanctuary for the birds, which fly over the main island of Polillo and its neighboring areas. Every afternoon, groups of birds gather in the sky and head towards the island to spend the night there. Bird Island is located in Polillo Island, Quezon

Polillo Island

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Polilio Island, the largest of 27 land masses that make up the Polillo Group of Islands, can be found on the northeastern side of Quezon Province. The municipality of Polillo is on the southern part of the island. The municipality of Burdeos is on the eastern portion of the island. And the municipality of Panukulan is on the northern portion of the island. Continue reading