PLDT WiFi Zone

Pldt Wifi Zone Dedicated Broadband Internet Connection Home Coverage Signal Connection Username Password Installation Monthly Fees Speed Subscribe Mydsl Mybro Postpaid Landline Service Cellphone Info The PLDT WiFi Zone is a premium WiFi service powered by a dedicated broadband connection. It allows users to stay connected even outside your home. It is available in more than 3,500 establishments nationwide. It’s easy to connect with just one username and password. You can subscribe to this service on top of
your current myDSL, myBro, or PLDT HOME postpaid landline services. Continue reading

PLTD myBro Internet

PLTD myBro High Speed Broadband Internet Connection Cellular Network Smart Wireless Service Plan Rate Month Cost Home Coverage Fee Signal Contact Speed Technical Support Customer Modem Monthly Peso PLTD MyBro is a high-speed broadband internet connection for your home that uses the nationwide PLTD cellular network of SMART to wirelessly deliver internet service
to a family’s PC featuring:

• Affordable plans and offers; For as low as Php799 per month or Php 26 per day, myBro lets you and your family enjoy unlimited wireless broadband internet at home to connect
with your loved ones here or abroad Continue reading

The PLDT Budget Card

PLDT Budget Prepaid Calling Card Telephone Overseas Destinations Pay Phone Landline Plus Coverage Rate Minutes 100 Number Load Balance Activation Price Dial Length Amount 200 Calls Payphone Purchase The PLDT Budget Card is a prepaid calling card which allows users in the Philippines to make overseas calls to 89 destinations worldwide. Calls can be made from a PLTD pay phone, PLDT landline, or Landline Plus nationwide. The PLDT Budget Card offers the lowest 100 rate at US$0.18/minute to 89 calling destinations. Just dial10-10-11 from any PLDT phone nationwide. The PLDT Budget Card 100 is valid for thirty days and the PLDT Budget Card 200 is valid sixty days from activation or first use. The PLDT Budget Card is available in all PLDT Business Offices, major malls, and accredited PLDT Card dealers. Continue reading