Mount Isarog in Camarines Sur

Mount Isarog Volcano Naga Camarines Sur Luzon Philippines Elevation Height Hiking Trail Tours Location HistoryMount Isarog National Park was declared a national park since 1938, and harbors rainforest, endemic wildlife, waterfalls and is home to nomadic Negrito (Agta) tribes people. Mount Isarog is a large, isolated peak in Camarines Sur Province, on the Camarines Peninsula in southeastern Luzon. It is the highest forested peak in Southern Luzon, and is part of the Bicol volcanic chain, and could still be active although no historic eruptions are known. The volcano has active fumaroles, steam vents and hot springs. The mountain is a dormant volcano that rises to 1,976 meters (6,483 feet) tall. The vegetation there includes parang grasslands mixed with patches of secondary forest from the lowlands to 900 meters, lowland forest below about 1,000 meters, and montane forest above about 900 meters, including mossy forest above 1,500 meters. However, most of the remaining forest is Continue reading

Pili City, Camarines Sur

Pili ChurchPili is a city located in Camarines Sur Province, in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. The city is 271 kilometers southeast of Manila. Pili is considered a 1st class municipality. Regarding urbanization Pili is classified as partly urban. Pili occupies an area of 126.25 km². By the end of 2007 Pili was the home of 76,496 residents. Thus by average 605.91 people are living on one km². Administratively the Municipality of Pili is subdivided into 26 barangays. 6 compose the center of the city wheras the other 20 are in the outlying areas. Some of them are even several kilometers away from the center of the Municipality. The most populous are Santo Niño, San Antonio (Pob.), Continue reading

Pili Festival in Sorsogon

Pili Festival SorsogonMany of Sorsogon festivals are actually religious in nature. One of its festivals, however, Pili Festival is actually a celebration of the Pili tree which is indigenous to the province. This coincides with Sorsogon City’s annual fiestas in honor of St. Paul and St. Peter. The Pili festival and the fiesta of St. Paul and St. Peter are celebrated in the month of June. Participants dance down the streets wearing Pili-inspired costumes. This street dancing event actually highlights the celebration.

Sorsogon City’s premier annual festival is the Pili Festival which also coincides with the City’s traditional patronal fiesta, in honor of Continue reading

Camsur Watersports Complex

Camsur Watersports ComplexCamsur Watersports Complex is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and waterskiing. For beginner riders to the professional wakeboarders and skiiers from all over the world, CWC offers a 6-point cable ski system, coupled with restaurants, sand bars, spas, pro-shops and grand stands to hold guests. Riders can also enjoy their favorite water sports at night as the park will be equipped with spotlights that allow for it even to be open on evenings.

The Camsur Watersports Comlex is the first world-class watersports complex in the Philippines and in Asia. CWC aims to bring cable skiing to a whole new level and attract watersports enthusiasts from Continue reading