Ligawasan Marsh

Ligawasan Marsh MaguindanaoLigawasan Marsh is the largest swamp and marsh area in Mindanao and one of the largest in the Philippines, covering an area of about 288,000 hectares. It is a conglomeration of three marshes: Ligawasan, Libungan and Ebpanan. It is a vast complex of river shannles, small freshwater lakes, ponds, and arable land subject to seasonal flooding in the basin of Mindanao. The area is under water during periods of heavy rainfall. Continue reading

Siburan Forest in San Nicolas

Siburan ForestSiburan has 5,000 hectares of old growth or primary forest, which is the largest tract of contagious remaining virgin forest in the whole Mindoro Island. Around 14 hectares of this lies next to Libuao Lake. Siburan Forest is a home to different plants and animals. There are 31 kinds of birds, including the endemic Mindoro Imperial Pigeon, Mindoro Tarictic Hornbill, Mindoro Bleeding Heart and the Black-hooded Coucal. More than 8 species of mammals, like Pygmy Fruit Bat and Warty Pig and about 80 species of tropical plants and hardwoods can also be found in the area. Continue reading