Dinagat Festival in Cordova

Bakasi Festival Cordova CebuThe Dinagat Festival, formerly known as the Bakasi Festival, is held annually in August in Cordova, Cebu. During this celebration, Cordovanhons honor Sr. San Roque, the municipality Patron Saint. This festival is held in honor of the sea, Dinagat defined as pertaining to the sea. This festival is the time of the year when the townsfolk show their gratitude for bountiful harvest they have received from the sea. This is because the main livelihood of Cordova has always been, then and now, fishing. The festival was lunched in 2009. In the festival, the dance of the participants depict the gliding movement of the Bakasi. Other attractions of the event also include the Bakasi race as well as a cooking contest to showcase the many ways of cooking and Continue reading

Pasundayag Festival in Isulan

Rotunda IsulanEvery month of September, the municipality of Isulan is conducting the Pasundayag Festival to celebrate its Foundation Anniversary. Isulanons believe that the wealth of arts and culture is expressed in many forms and in so many kinds. The Pasundayag Festival showcases the skills and talents in literary, musical and cultural aspects of the constituents both the young and the old. It is not only unique but is reflective of a special talent in the person as well. The Pasundayag also depicts the thanksgiving festival of its residents who are mostly engaged in agriculture. This includes rice and corn farming, vegetables and crops Continue reading

Pasundayag Festival in Banga

Pasundayag Festival BangaPasundayag, an Ilonggo term which means “show” or “a presentation” is a unique fiesta celebration which showcase the municipality’s local talents in a week-long celebration of good life and thanksgiving of the people of Banga in South Cotabato.