Bonchon Chicken at the One E-Com Center

Bonchon Chicken Drumsticks Meat Drumette Size Flavor Spicy CrispyThe Bonchon Chicken restaurant in Pasay is located on the ground floor of the One E-com Center in Manila. Bonchon Chicken is a Korean restaurant chain rapidly expanding in the Philippine region. Since its restaurant opened its doors, people have been lining up to get a taste of Bonchon’s unique crispy and tasty chicken wings and drumsticks. Bonchon’s chicken can be described as very crispy yet light and not oily, with hot moist juicy meat and flavored the Korean Bonchon way.

To have crunchy Korean style chicken, a double-fry approach is employed, where the first fry gets rid of the chicken fat to make it more crispier; And the second batch has added spicy sauce or Soy garlic for the unique flavor. Continue reading

Manila Baywalk

Manila BaywalkThe Manila Baywalk is a popular two-kilometre stretch along Roxas Boulevard, stretching from the United States Embassy to the Cultural Centre of the Philippines. Dotted with open-air bars, al fresco restaurants and chic cafés, the Baywalk is an ideal spot to enjoy a chilled drink and watch the sunset to a backdrop of live music.  When it comes to relaxation, there’s almost everything on offer here, ranging from outdoor restaurants, open-air bars, dance spots, cafes and live bands. This area is also popular with sports and health aficionados, bicycle riders, joggers, and walkers. The much improved promenade is now known as Harbour Square. Baywalk nightly cruises are also available to experience the colourful night lights of the area from the boat’s top deck. Continue reading

Pasay City, Manila

Mall of Asia PasayThe City of Pasay is one of the cities and municipalities that make up Metro Manila in the Philippines. Pasay City is the third smallest political subdivision in the National Capital Region. It is adjacent to the city of Manila and bounded to the south by Parañaque, northwest by Makati City, and Taguig to the west. It occupies a total land area of 13.9 sq. kilometers. Pasay City is known for its leisure and entertainment establishments – business-restaurants, coffee shops, and clubs, particularly those located along Roxas Boulevard, facing Manila Bay. A large part of Metro Manila’s “tourist belt” is located in Pasay City. Geographically, the city is situated on the south side of the capital, Manila. Continue reading