Panicuason Hot Springs Resort in Naga

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort NagaPanicuason Hot Springs Resort is one of Bicol’s secret hideaways. Located at the bottom of a forest river ravine accessible via a private road, this resort is smack at the center of the teeming rain forest of Mount Isarog. Only 30 minutes away from downtown Naga City, the resort is a sight to behold, a virtual jungle paradise of ancient trees and giant ferns minus the wild animals. The resort is composed of several natural pools with temperatures ranging from a cold 20 degrees Celsius to a steaming 39 degrees Celsius. Frequented by local and international visitors, it has also been featured on national TV shows. A day or two at the hot springs resort will surely uplift one’s spirit and soothe aching and weary muscles with hot spring water that emanates from the earth’s bowels. Continue reading

Malabsay Falls in Naga

Malabsay Ecology Park NagaThe Malabsay Falls is a forty foot tall waterfall located on the slope of Mount Isarog in Panicuason. The Malabsay Ecology Park features swimming areas beneath the waterfalls, concrete windingstrings, foot bridges and pathways, cottages, and a plant nursery and camping ground. Located within the Mount Isarog National Park, this waterfall resembles the Pagsanjan Waterfalls, making it a very likely
tourist hotspot. You can also go over the ecology park that offers swimming areas just below the falls. There are also the foot bridges and passageways. And to provide a more
relaxing haven to tourists, cottages can be accommodated. And if you are after the excitement of the place, you can go to Continue reading