The Sison Auditorium in Lingayen

Sison Auditorium Lingayen Pangasinan Cultural Center Venue Concert Schedule Calendar Shows Theater Capacity Building History Construction Tickets Renovation Convention Exhibit Location Address Contact The Sison Auditorium is located in Lingayen in Pangasinan Province. Also known as the Cultural Center of Pangasinan, the Sison Auditorium is a frequent venue for the city-wide events of Lingayen. This neo-classical auditorium showcases the Manaoag Festival, musical concerts, cultural shows, theater plays, graduation, social and major government functions, and the renowned ASNA Awards which recognizes the most outstanding Pangasinenses in specific fields. Some of the famous ASNA Awardees are Joyce Bernal, F. Sionil Jose, Jose De Venecia, and Fidel Ramos. The Sison Auditorium, constructed in 1926 to 1927, named after former Pangasinan Governor Teofilo Sison, and was renovated under the Supervision of Governor Espino, in which will serve as a venue for local or national cultural conventions and shows as well as a venue Continue reading

Sky Plaza in Natividad

Sky Plaza Natividad Pangasinan Batchelor East Barangay Park Hill Waterfalls Multipurpose Meeting Hall Chapel Zipline Recreation Concrete Stairs Grotto Virgin Mary Hill Holy Cross Christ Redeemer Info Sky Plaza is located in Barangay Batchelor East in Natividad, Pangasinan Province. Sky Plaza is a park built on top of a hill and a water fall, which is 2 kilometer away. Sky Plaza has a two-story octagon-shape multipurpose hall, a chapel, a 120 meter zip line, picnic table and wide parking spaces. It also serves as base of a 287 steps concrete stairway that leads at a grotto of the Virgin Mary in the upper side of the hill, and a little higher behind it, to 30-foot Holy Cross. From the cross is a winding trail leading to the mountaintop, where a 40 foot statue of Christ the Redeemer, called “Ayat ni Apo Jesus” (Love of God) stands. Jesus Christ’s fiberglass statue, which was Continue reading

The Bagoong Factory in Lingayen

Bagoong Factory Maniboc Lingayen Pangasinan Fish Paste Galunggong Dilis Tirong Salt Seawater Facility Building Industry Trade Product Location Producer Jars Price Wholesale Retail Bottle Export Info The Bagoong Factory is located in Maniboc, Lingayen in Pangasinan Province. Bagoong, or fish paste, used to be sold only in milk cans (locally called “litsi”) in the wet markets. Bagoong’s ingredients are just fish (usually galunggong (round scad), dilis (anchovy) and tirong (similar to dilis)), solar salt (naturally evaporated salt from seawater sourced mainly from the towns of Bolinao and Anda, Pangasinan) and water.  Bagoong is now sold in bottles or pouches that line the shelves of upscale supermarkets and groceries. Given that Pangasinan is major salt producer in the Philippines, then it’s a must to try the province’s major products. These includes “bagoong” (“salted-fish”), “agamang” (“salted-shrimp”), and “asin” (salt) of course! You can buy these delicious goods at DS Bagoong Products located on Maniboc West in Continue reading

Oceanographic Marine Laboratory in Alaminos

Oceanographic Marine Laboratory Alaminos Pangasinan Multi Species Fish Invertebrate Breeding Hatchery Department Agriculture Facility Location Laboratory Farm Science Visit Distance Marine Biology The Oceanographic Marine Laboratory is located in Alaminos, Pangasinan. This educational stopover is also known as the Multi-Species Fish and Invertebrate Breeding and Hatchery. Developed by the Department of Agriculture, this gated facility features a bunch of marine animals you have no idea they exist. Continue reading

Mount Balungao in Pangasinan

Mount Balungao Pangasinan Location Mountain Elevation Summit Hiking Trail Extinct Volcano History Eruption Barangay Hot Spring Sulfur Water River Flow Height Difficulty Park Meters Kilometers Slope Mount Balungao is located in Pangasinan Province. Mount Balungao has an elevation of 383 meters high and is situated about five kilometers southeast of the Balungao town proper. Mount Balungao is an extinct volcano in which a spring of hot water flows endlessly. The sulfuric content of water contains medicinal properties that can cure many dermal and epidermal diseases. Mount Balungao has an elevation of 382 meters above sea level is a favorite weekend destination of people because of its famed natural beauty. It was then as it is now, a much sought after hideaway by those seeking to flee the humdrum and ennui of daily life, free from the suffocating tensions and pressure and worries of living. The mountains wide swaths of evergreens, aged trees and palms or its slopes provide refreshing view of God’s natural creation. Continue reading

The Urduja House in Lingayen

Urduja House Lingayen Pangasinan Warrior Princess Kingdom Tawalisi Balinese Governor Juan Guzman Rodriguez Residence Palace Princess Meetings Architecture History Design Construction Fountain Layout The Urduja House is the official residence of the governor of the province. Urduja, the legendary warrior princess, is said to have once ruled the kingdom of Tawalisi in the province of Pangasinan. Her cultural influence led former Pangasinan Governor Juan de Guzman Rodriguez to name the official governor’s residence as Princess Urduja Palace in early 1953. It is here where various meetings of the governor take place and important personalities are received. The Urduja House has become a favorite place for pre-nuptial pictorials because of its architectural design, inside and out, with a backdrop of a beautiful fountain. Continue reading

Wonderful Cave in Bolinao

Wonderful Cave Patar Bolinao Pangasinan Location Entrance Stairs Underground Swimming Pool Secret Room Tour Guide Feees Residential Neighborhood Address Fee Distance Depth Water History Discovery Info The Wonderful Cave is located in Barangay Patar in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Stairs were constructed to make access to Wonderful Cave easy for tourists. Wonderful Cave is located under a residential neighborhood in Pangasinan. The cave is being managed by the family that lives there. When you go take a dip into the pool in Wonderful Cave try to find the secret room During summer they limit the visit time to 30 minutes per person to accommodate the many visitors that arrive. Entrance fee is P50 pesos per person. They are open from 6am in the morning until 6:30pm. Continue reading

Cacupangan Cave in Pangasinan

Cacupangan Cave Mabini Pangasinan entrance cavern system rock formation hiking Trail tagudin deguzman barlo san pedro rimstone binmatya basin swimming pool stalactite stone stalagmite picnic shed info Cacupangan Cave is located in the municipality of Mabini in Pangasinan Province. The Cacupangan Cave System is known for its multiple entrances, magnificent formations and diverse wildlife. The main entrance of the cave is situated on private land in Barangay Tagudin and extends to Barangays De Guzman, Barlo and San Pedro. The Cacupangan Cave System is well-known for its big rimstone formation which residents call the Binmatya (from the word “batya” meaning basin). The formation provides tourists with a swimming area. Near the cave entrance is another large formation that resembles an ice cream cone. Other formations include stalactites, stalagmites, flow stones and helictites – one of which, looks like a hand holding out peace sign. For visitors, there are picnic sheds for rent. Aside from spelunking and swimming, Continue reading

Antong Falls Sison Pangasinan

Antong Falls Sison Pangasinan Location Height Waterfalls Size Length Swimming Hiking Trail Water Picnic History Description Pictures Tour Guide Bathing Distance Transport Fee Visit Municipality Antong Falls is located in Sison in northern Pangasinan Province. Enjoy the breath taking waters as you see the running waters of Antong Falls which is located in the municipality of Sison, Pangasinan. But before, getting into the site and seeing this wonderful falls, you will embark a journey passing through the green fields of the town. You’ll also pass through a hanging bridge on the way. It’s really an exciting adventure everyone should try. To get to the Antong Waterfalls from Manila, board a bus bound for any of the following destinations: Laoag City, Baguio City, Vigan City, La Union, Candon City and Abra. You can find many of these bus stations in Cubao or Pasay City. These buses will make a stop at Sison, which is about an hour away from Baguio City. Continue reading

Cindy’s Cave in Bolinao

Cindys Cave Bolinao Pangasinan underground pool water Subterranean swimming River entrance fee location City hiking trail size depth pictures description history length stone rock formation cavern Cindy’s Cave is located in Bolinao Pangasinan. Inside the cave is an underground pool. Entrance fee to Cindy’s Cave is P50 pesos per person. The cave can be reached via tricycle within the municipality of Bolinao. Continue reading