Mount Pangaggawan Caves in Kiangan

Mount Pangaggawan Caves Bolog Kiangan Ifugao Entrance Cavern Size Bat Species Mountain Barangay Exploration Difficulty Depth Size Length Location Map Explore Visit Tour Guide Province Drop Hiking The Mount Pangaggawan Caves are a system of eight caverns located in Kiangan in Ifugao Province. The Mount Pangaggawan Caves is the largest cave system in Ifugao, with eight known caves which are the habitat of four local bat species. The caves are located inside the Pangaggawan mountain of Barangay Bolog. Exploration of the caves ranges from the easy to the extreme. There are two ways to enter, either by rappelling or by using the small metal stairs straight down. A challenging adventure for cavers, nature lovers and mountain climbers. The entrance to these caves varies from 30 to 60 meters drop. It can be reached by 20 minute ride from the capital town of Lagawe and a five hour hike through the mountain trails. Continue reading