Pandanihan Cave in Mabinay

Pandanihan Cave in Mabinay, CebuThe Pandanihan Cave is 282 meters long, has a wide entrance which is 6 by 20 meters and virtually horizontal, which makes it the most difficult to enter among the three caves. About 80 meters away from the entrance is an obstacle called the Berlin Wall.The small gap in the wall beckons to a 20 wide corridor. Along the corridor are different stalactites and stalagmites formation. In the center is an old hug column called Mushroom, formed by the meeting of a group of stalactites and a group stalagmite formation. Come and visit the caves of Mabinay . You can visit all three caves with a guide-member of the eco-tourism society in one day . Since Mabinay is about three hours away from Dumaguete City you can start your trip early in the morning and be back in Dumaguete before sundown. The Dumaguete moon rise will cap your visit. Continue reading