Napti Island in Capiz

Napti Island Pan-ay Capiz Agojo Beach Olutayan White Lobster Fishing Coral Reef Cave Location Roxas City Napti Island is located at the Sibuyan Sea and at the barangay of Agojo in Panay in Capiz Province. Known for its azure waters teeming with lobsters and fish, Napti measures about four hectares in area and is located near Olotayan Island. Napti is an inhabited island has white colored beach that is actually due to accumulated skeletal coral remains.  Plenty of live coral reefs are abundant near its shore.  Fishing enthusiasts and gourmets alike have wonderful time here for the plentiful fish and lobsters.  Napti Island is also free of troublesome jellyfish the whole year round. There is also a small cave, about 100 meters long and winds several feet below the surface across the island commands a breathtaking view of Roxas City and Panay. Boat trip to Olotayan and Napti Continue reading

Buntod Beach in Pan-ay Capiz

Buntod Beach Pan-ay Capiz Island Panay Black Sand Location Napti Pilar Mountain Surf Snorkeling Scuba DivingBuntod Beach is located in Pan-ay, Capiz Province. On a bright summer’s day, Buntod Beach with its fine black sand is a welcome sight. It is about a kilometer long and is located far from the inhabited section of Pan-ay. The beauty of the beach is a sort of an untouched one because it was considered as one of the cleanest beaches in Capiz. It is protected on one side by Napti Island and on the other side by the mountains of Pilar.  Buntod Beach is located approximately ten minutes by jeepneys, cars and tricycles from the town; accessible by speedboats or pumpboats from any point in Capiz. Continue reading